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Commission Manager: Advertiser Guide

Note: The Commission Manager has replaced this previous Commission Manager tool.

What is the Commission Manager?

Commission Manager is an Awin Commission Management tool that gives advertisers full flexibility to manage their publisher commissions. You can set standard rates on your programme, or choose to reward publishers individually. You can schedule campaigns and promotional commission rates changes at a granular level like brands, departments, product categories, customer loyalty, transaction source and more. The Commission Manager keeps the information about what rates your publishers were on at a certain time in the past and takes it into account when transactions are amended. It also gives you a view of current and upcoming rates for your publishers.

Commission Types

There are 3 types of commission you can set in the new Commission Manager:

  1. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is the amount that an advertiser is willing to pay for a sale. The cost per acquisition may be set as a percentage or fixed value. For this, set the transaction type to Sale and choose a Commission type to be a percentage or fixed value.
  2. Cost Per Lead (CPL) is where the advertiser pays a publisher an agreed fee for each qualified lead to the advertiser's website. For example, a user signing up to the advertiser's website. For this, set the transaction type to Lead (in this case commission type is always Fixed).
  3. Cost Per Order (CPO) is the Publisher Commission plus the Network Fee. This is only available for CPO Programmes and is shown as the Advertiser Cost value.

How to Access the Commission Manager Tool

In the navigation bar, go to Commission > Commission Manager.

Commission Manager Tool Overview

The Commission Manager consists of three tabs:

  1. Commission Groups
  2. Publisher Commission Rates
  3. Timeline

Commission Groups

The Commission Groups tab is where you define the standard commission payment structure for all your publishers. File:Commission_groups_tab.png

Note: If you are an Awin Access self-managed client, this section will not apply to you as you only have access to the one commission group.

What are Commission Groups?

You can use commission groups to reward publishers differently based on product category, customer loyalty (new customer/returning customer), or transaction device. Simply enter a unique commission group code for each commission group and the right commission rates will automatically be applied to each specific sale.

Default Commission Group

Transactions that don’t fall under any commission groups are processed based on the Default Commission Group.

How to Add a Commission Group

To create a commission group, please click Edit Commission Groups and click “Add Commission Group” button. This will create a new row for you that you can fill in with the new commission group details. File:How_to_add_CG.png

  • Commission Group Name

Use a unique name to describe a specific group you are commissioning on, so that it’s easy for you and your publishers to understand.

  • Description

Use this field for any additional details about the commission group, for your reference.

  • Transaction Type

Select Sale if you want to reward your publishers based on acquisition or purchase. Select Lead to reward them for user sign up / registration.

  • Commission Group Code

Each commission group needs a unique Commission Group Code to help us track each sale and the associated commission via the "aw_parts" parameter in the tracking tag. It is also used when amending sales. (For more information on tracking implementation, please visit Advertiser Tracking Guide)

Please note: This works differently if your account uses Commission Flexibility.

  • Commission Type

A Fixed amount of commission can be paid for Lead and Sale transaction types, while Percentage can be paid only for Sale.

  • Publisher Commission

Enter the commission to be awarded for each sale associated to this commission group. This value will represent your Programme Standard Commission Rates, which will be used to calculate publisher commissions if they don't have their own custom commission rates.

Viewing your commission groups

There is a menu option available for each column to make it easier for you to look at the data you need.

  1. The first sub-menu allows you to pin the columns right or left, as well as autosize this or all columns
  2. The second sub-menu allows you to filter the data for key words, this is helpful if you’re looking for a specific commission group
  3. In the third sub-menu you can choose which columns you’d like to see or hide from the table to condense it to the data set you need


Clicking on the column name will sort the data by ascending order, second click will sort it by descending order and third click will return the data to starting position.

Editing a Commission Group

You can edit a commission group by clicking on the Edit Commission Groups button and then edit commission groups in the table. You can change the Commission Group Name, Description, Commission Type, and Publisher Commission/Advertiser Cost. Please note that you can't change transaction type or commission group code. It’s also not possible to change the "Default" commission group name or description.

In order to make the commission rates management easier and efficient for you, we made it possible to select multiple rows of commission groups and copy them to and from an external file. For quicker copying, you can select a cell and drag the square in the right bottom corner to copy the values, just like you would in Excel.

Amended transactions will use the Commission Group value from the time of the transaction, even if you have amended the Commission Group after the transaction.

Exporting Commission Groups

To export and download a CSV file that contains the Commission Groups, click Options, then select Export Current Rate or Export Historical Rate.

If you select Export Historical Rate, you must define the date and time for the historical rate you want to export.

Restrictions on Lowering the Rates

There are restrictions on how much and how often advertisers can lower the rates on Programme Standard Commission Rates. The default restrictions for lowering rates are:

  • Maximum 20% reduction each time
  • Once every 30 days
  • Informing Publishers at least 7 days prior to the change

Please note: These may vary depending on your contract terms and conditions.

Deleting a Commission Group

You can delete a commission group by clicking on the bin icon, which appears when you click on Edit Commission Groups button. Deleting a commission group removes it from Programme Standard Commission Rates as well as from all Publisher Commission Rates.

Publisher Commission Rates

In the Publisher Commission Rates tab you can create custom sets of rates for your publishers as well as schedule rate changes for them.


What are Publisher Commission Rates?

Publisher Commission Rates are specific rates that you can customise for your marketing activity plans. You can then schedule publishers to move onto those rates for a certain period of time.

Programme Standard Commission Rates

For Publishers that are not on a specific Publisher Commission Rate, the values are set by default to Programme Standard rates. The values for Programme Standard rates are the same as the rates on your “Commission groups” tab.

Adding Commission Rates

Reward your publishers differently to your Programme Standard Rates by creating publisher-specific commission rates and scheduling your publishers to move onto those rates for a selected period of time.

  1. Add a commission rate name that best describes the rates for you and your publishers, for example: Cashback, VIP rates, Content Publishers, etc.
  2. Customise your commission for each Commission Group within these rates using the Commission Type and Publisher Commission columns. To make the management of rates easier, similar features are available:
    1. To pin or autosize the column, use the options in the first sub-menu.
    2. To filter the data for key words in order to change the rate for a specific commission group, use the options in the second sub-menu.
    3. To deselect the columns that you do not need, for a more condensed view, use the options in the third sub-menu.

Exporting Commission Rates

To export and download a CSV file that contains the commission rates, click Options, then select Export Current Rate or Export Historical Rate.

If you select Export Historical Rate, you must define the date and time for the historical rate you want to export.

Scheduling Publishers to Commission Rates

  1. Once you create commission rates, you can schedule publishers onto those rates by clicking a person icon.
  2. Select the publishers that you want to move onto this commission rate.
  3. Select when and how long they should be on those rates. If you want the publishers to remain on those rates, set the end-date to Ongoing.
  4. Add a schedule description for your reference, for example: Black Friday rates, etc. (This won't be visible to publishers)
  5. If you set an end-date for this schedule, you can set those publishers to move to other rates automatically at the end of the schedule by using the "Revert to" dropdown. This will create an extra schedule for those publishers, starting from the end-date of the previous schedule and set to Ongoing, or until the beginning of the next schedule if one has already been set up.

Managing Active and Future Schedules

To manage publisher schedules, click on the numbers shown in this column.

These numbers indicate how many schedules have been made for these rates. If you click on a number, you can see a detailed list of schedules and the following options are available:

  1. Stop Active Schedules by clicking on the calendar icon. This will automatically revert the publishers to the Programme Standard rates.
  2. Delete Future Schedules by click on the bin icon. This will remove the schedules and won't have any effect on the current rates of the selected publishers.
  3. View Publishers on particular schedules by clicking on the figure in Publishers Selected column. This will redirect you to the Timeline view for these publishers.


The Timeline tab is where you can see past, present, and future commission rates of your publishers over a period of time.

You can select publishers to see a Timeline view of coloured bars which indicate rates that each publisher is on throughout the calendar timeline. Programme Standard Commission Rates are always blue, while other commission rates will have other colours to show the different rates. If you change the rates during a schedule, the schedule will be split into two in order to show the schedule with the old rates and the schedule with the new rates.

You can see past, current, and future rates for your Publishers by clicking “Previous 60 days” and “Next 60 days”.

Hover over the rates to see more details like name, start and end dates, and the range of commission. Click on the rates to see detailed information for each commission group.

Email notifications

You will receive email notifications about commission rate changes on your programme. You can opt out of these notifications by going to Account > Contact Details and adjusting the notification setting to No.


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