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Information on how to use the reporting area of the Awin interface.

News Manager

This tool allows you to email all or a selected amount of publishers on your programme

Setting a publisher a co-branded landing page

If you have created a co-branded landing page for a specific publisher, view the set-up guide here

Deeplink Builder

This tool allows advertisers to create "trackable" publisher links which can be sent using the Advertiser News Managers or used within the a4uforum.

Rewarding manual commissions and bonuses

Explains how to add a manual commission or cash bonus.

Payment Status

We have introduced a Payment Status which will allow Awin to pay publishers on the basis of what your Status is.

  • Traffic Light system
  • Exposure Levels

How to add a Discount Voucher

This document provides a step by step guide to adding a discount voucher into the interface.

Transaction Queries

What are Transaction Queries and how to validate them.

  • How it works
  • How to access Transaction Queries
  • Validation
  • Data File Specification

Commission Templates

How to schedule commission for publishers over promotional periods.

Got a Technical Question?

If you have a technical question about Tracking, Datafeeds, Commission groups or anything else, feel free to add in a Support Ticket, or speak directly to your Integrator.

Support Ticket


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