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Advertiser Deeplink Builder

This tool allows you as an advertiser to create publisher tracking links which would be included within newsletters to your publishers and The Hub. You can locate the Link Builder within your account under Toolbox > Link Builder:

It works in much the same way as the publisher deeplink builder, but instead of displaying a specific publisher ID the ‘!!!id!!!’ variable will be present. The !!!id!!! will auto populate publisher ids once you send on this communication via the News Manager.

Create a Deeplink

In order to create a deeplink,

1. Go to Toolbox > Link Builder.

2. Select the advertiser from the drop down list whose products/links you are trying to create a deeplink with

3. Choose a format between HTML and URL

4. In the Deeplink URL, paste the link which you have copied from advertiser's site or a forum etc

5. In the “Your Deeplink URL” box, a deeplink will be created for you based on the information you have input.

N.B.Clickreffield is optional. It is only for reporting system. You can leave this blank. For example, you have used "AW" as a clickref for your deeplink. When a visitor will click this deeplink, you will be able to see "AW" under Click Ref column in your in your Reports > Click References. A clickref helps you to determine where the clicks has generated from.

Link text field is for displaying the title of link. Our system use the advertiser's name by default but you can change it.

Please note:

As mentioned, deeplinks sent through News Manager will automatically update the ‘!!!id!!!’ variable to the respective publisher ID. Deeplinks sent by another methods (e.g. The Hub, email) will require the publisher to update the ‘!!!id!!!’ variable manually.


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