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Advertiser Integration

In order to become live onto our network, you will need to review the following aspects and identify if they are applicable to your program:

You will be asked to fill in a Technical Questionnaire to identify certain specification of the program you wish to run, it is vital that this is returned to your Technical Integrator before work commences on your integration.

Please ensure all information regarding these topics is passed onto your Technical Contact:

Click Append

A click append (which is Awin’s term for adding a parameter and value to a click-through URL) can also be used to trigger our AW tracking code to only be activated on your website when an AW publisher has last referred the customer.

However, this is dependent on the other networks/advertising channels putting a similar solution in place.

A click append can also be used to remove forms of leakage on your sites such as phone numbers or other means of purchasing products.

For more information on the Click Append please see here

Estimated time for initial set up and communication between all parties: 2 days dependant on advertiser teams.

Tracking Code

There are two sections of tracking code which you will need to implement. Firstly the master tag needs to be added to all pages, this is used to track via 1st party cookies and etags, and will allow you to include 3rd party tracking. Secondly you will need to add the tracking tag for sales/lead purposes onto your confirmation page.

When implementing the code there are various features that can be used such as voucher codes, product level tracking and the use of different commission groups.

For more information on the Tracking code implementation please see here

Commission Group – Commissions can be divided into groups in order to reward different amounts for different items purchased.

For example, sell a variety of products which have varying levels of margin. They have established separate commission groups for DVD, CD, Games, Clothing, Electricals, Mobile, Books, Computing, Gadgets and Games Consoles. This allows them greater control of their ROI as well as granular reporting on category performance by publisher .

The commission group "code" is passed to Awin for each item in the customers basket within the "aw_parts" parameter in the tracking tag.

Please speak to your account manager for more information here.

We are also able to provide a means of Offline tracking however this will mean various features will be lost.

For more information about offline tracking please see here

Estimated time for Coding & Testing: 7 days dependant on development teams.


Datafeeds are a great way to provide your product information to your publisher s, through CSV or XML formats.

These are the mandatory fields required for a datafeed to be compatible with our system:

   Product ID
   Product Name
   Image URL
   Deeplink (Product URL)
   Advertiser Category

For more information about datafeeds please see here

Note: Please talk to your Technical Contact about size restrictions to amount of products in the feed.

Estimated time for Datafeed testing: 2 days dependant on datafeed compatibility and structure.

Batch Validation

This is used to automate or upload batch validations for pending transactions, it can save time!

A CSV file containing relevant variables will need ot be created:

   Transaction time
   Order Ref
   Decline reason

If you are worried about part declining transactions and how to handle this situation.

We suggest that clients decline the transactions but then add a “manual commission” for the successful products.

For more information about batch validation see here


You will need to upload a series of banners to your advertiser account so that publishers can promote your website more effectively. Check recommended banner sizes here.

We support GIF, JPG/JPEG and PNG files. You can also upload HTML5 Banners from your account. Here is more information on how you can manage your creative. Please provide the Technical Contact with a logo gif 88x31 so it can be uploaded to your profile.

Estimated time for Banner testing: 1 day dependant on datafeed compatibility and structure.


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