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The Click Append term allows for an Advertiser to send through variables/identifiers via the query string and can be used for a number of different uses:

  1. To track that a sale has come through from Awin and tag it so that the Advertiser knows where the sale has come from (for Internal Reporting purposes). This can be used with analytical software such as Coremetrics, Google Analytics and others.
  2. To initiate the removal of telephone numbers or other non-affiliate friendly objects from a web page.
  3. As a simple telephone tracking solution that allows the Advertiser to use our CallWindow functionality

Source Tracking

Tracking the source of a visitor is important to Advertisers who want to be able to establish the origin of their customers.

Click append can be used to add to the Advertisers click-through URL information that can be used by the Advertiser for reporting purposes. Pretty much anything can be added as a click append. For example if an Advertiser wanted to track the source and the Publisher ID of the Publisher which generate a click-through or sale then the click append could be ‘source=aw&affid=12345’. The Advertiser can then capture this information and use it as they see fit.

If an Advertiser uses third party analytics software such as Coremetrics or Google Analytics then any parameters that these systems require can be added as a click append so that all the Publisher traffic is tagged and reported.

For example these Coremetrics tags can be added as a click append.


Ensuring a Publisher friendly website

To ensure that Advertisers offer Publisher friendly websites they would need to make sure that all leakage is removed.

Leakage can be from telephone numbers that allow customers to order over the phone to links leading to different domains.

An example of telephone number leakage would be if you have a telephone number prominently displayed on your website, this increases the chance that customers will call to make a purchase. If a customer makes a purchase over the telephone then the Publisher that sent that customer will not earn a commission. It is important to remove telephone numbers for Publisher referred traffic as this will ensure your conversion rate published to Publishers three months into your programme will always appear as high as possible. In regards to links that lead to different domains, these could potentially allow the customer to leave the site and again have a negative effect on your Publishers as they would not be earning commission for that referral. In the long term this will have an effect on Advertisers as well as your conversion rate which will go into a decline.

To do this you will need to recognise that a visitor has come through a Publisher link and remove any telephone numbers that appear prominently on the website. Awin can tag the traffic that Publishers send you by adding a click append. This click append is added to the end of the destination URL for example: ‘source=aw’. If this is displayed then you know that the visitor was referred by a Publisher and you know to write the website with any prominent telephone numbers removed.

Below shows an example PHP script that grabs the click append (?source=awin) information from the URL, sets a cookie for 30 days and hence removes the telephone image if the cookie is set.

$url = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; 
$check_if_awin = strpos($url,'awin'); 
if ($check_if_awin !== false) { 
    $thirtydays = 60 * 60 * 24 * 30 + time();  
    $awin = 1; 
    setcookie('awin', $awin, $thirtydays); 
    $awin = $_COOKIE['awin']; 
// Hide or display your phone number     
if ($awin == 1)     
    echo "Phone number hidden"; 
    echo "<img src='http://www.phonenumberimage/0800.gif'>"; 

Simple Telephone Order Tracking

CallWindow allows you to track on a number of different payment models, it's best to discuss this with your Marketing Contact at Awin to find out more.


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