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[-] Product Feed Guide for Advertisers

This page lists three sub-sections; Introduction to Datafeeds, Building a Product Feed and Managing a Product Feed from within the Awin system. We have also included most common Product Feed errors which may occur, so you can combat any potential errors when uploading your product feed into the Awin system.

[+] Introduction - What is a Product Feed and why is it needed?

Here you will find an overview of product feeds and why they are important for your affiliate programme.

[+] Building an Awin Product Feed

This section of our guide is aimed at developers who wish to build an Awin compatible product feed. Here you will find technical details on the specifications of the type of product feeds accepted by our system.

[+] Managing your Product Feed in the Awin System

This section provides an overview as to how you can monitor the progress and health of feeds within the Awin interface. Within this guide you will find step by step screens of navigating the 'My Product Feed' area within the Shopwindow Toolset and advice on common datafeed errors to combat, as well as general management practices.

[+] Understand how Publishers access and view your product feed

This section will link you to some of our Publisher guides on how products feeds are accessed via the interface create-a-feed system and through the use of our ProductServe API. These are guides to help instruct our Publisher base but could be used to give an overview of it's related areas.


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