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Offline Transaction Processing is Awin’s system for processing publisher transactions without the use of cookies or tracking code on the confirmation page.

Capturing data

This system requires the advertiser to capture various values on click-through and store them until the point that the sale completes. The details are then reported back to Awin with any transaction details by a batch CSV file.

The click values to capture on click-through and store are as below.

  • Affiliate ID (Captured from click-through URL)
  • Click date (Format (BST): dd/mm/yyyy hh:ii:ss)
  • Group ID (Captured from click-through URL)
  • Banner ID (Captured from click-through URL)
  • Product ID (Captured from click-through URL)
  • Click ref (Captured from click-through URL)
  • Click checksum (Captured from click-through URL)

On click-through to the advertiser's site the click values are added to the query string.

Example: awaid=12345&awgid=123456&awbid=234567&awpid=123456789&awcr=abcd1234&awc=10001_1581419106_2aeff1ef22119c6dbc699bcc174ec544

The parameters can be defined by the advertiser.

All the values should be captured and stored to a cookie for the length that you would like to reward publishers for (normally 30 days).

Multiple Commission Groups

In order to add multiple commission groups within offline tracking, you can do this by separating the parts parameter by a pipe delimiter, for example:


The sale amounts will need to amount to the total within the sale_amount variable


When the transaction is completed the values that have been stored in the cookie need to be taken and put together with the transaction information.

When the advertiser is able to report the transaction through to Awin the information for each transaction needs adding to a CSV file. Each row of the file contains details of a single transaction.

The CSV file needs to be formatted in the format below, using comma as delimiter:

COL 1:  com_date (This is the transaction date (BST) and should follow the format: 
dd/mm/yyyy hh:ii:ss)
COL 2:  order_ref
COL 3:  sale_amount
COL 4:  type (should be left blank)
COL 5:  parts (commission_group_code:sale_amount)
COL 6:  merchant_customer_id (can be left blank if not used)
COL 7:  affiliate_id
COL 8:  click_date (Format (BST): dd/mm/yyyy hh:ii:ss)
COL 9:  group_id (can be left blank if not used)
COL 10: banner_id (can be left blank if not used)
COL 11: product_id (can be left blank if not used)
COL 12: click_ref (can be left blank if not used)
COL 13: status ("pending" for pending and "confirmed" or leave blank for
COL 14: voucher_code (voucher code used in transaction or leave blank if none was used)
COL 15: user agent (optional)
COL 16: awc (must have format of 'advertiserId_unixTimestamp_clickCheckSum') (optional)

Below is an example of how the CSV file should look.

com_date,order_ref,sale_amount,type,parts,merchant_customer_id,affiliate_id,click_date,group_id,banner_id,product_id,click_ref,status,voucher_code,user agent,awc
05/07/2007 19:25:55,124749,89.99,,default:89.99,,45628,03/07/2007 19:25:55,12345,47895,12547895,abc123,pending,,,
06/07/2007 15:45:52,124851,50,,default:50,,45628,02/07/2007 15:45:52,12348,58745,45782698,def345,confirmed,FREEDELIVERY,,
07/07/2007 11:15:23,124967,48.79,,default:48.79,,45628,05/07/2007 11:15:23,15489,68954,58314967,ghi678,confirmed,10OFFGADGETS,,
11/11/2015 12:34:56,124967,48.79,,default:48.79,,45628,10/11/2015 09:30:00,15489,68954,58314967,ghi678,confirmed,10OFFGADGETS,"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2228.0 Safari/537.36",1001_1447147800_2aeff1ef22119c6dbc699bcc174ec544

Scheduled Times

The Offline Transaction file can be pulled from an online location at set intervals (Daily, Twice Daily, Weekly). When set to 'Daily' the Awin System pulls from the given location at 4AM GMT/UTC. When set to 'Twice Daily' the file is pulled at 4:30AM and 4:30PM GMT/UTC), and when set to 'Weekly' it is pulled on Wednesdays at 5AM GMT/UTC.


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