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Post Launch Strategy Advertiser Guide

Welcome to Awin! We are delighted to have you on board and hope you find the tools and interface easy to use and wish you the best of luck with developing your new programme!

To help plan which activities need to be carried out we have prepared this guide which outlines the key daily checks that must be performed on your account to ensure a successful and well-run affiliate programme.

Note – we strongly advise that an Advertiser should spend no less than 8 hours per week managing this activity. Further recommendations are also made on short, medium and long term management goals and strategies that you can employ on your affiliate programme. Please note that this does not take into account what time of year you launch as key trading seasons such as Christmas will have a significant impact on the strategies of many online retailers. To conclude there is a list of useful links provided for your reference.

Programme House Keeping

  • Login to your account and review the performance graph on your Advertiser Dashboard. Have the number of sales significantly decreased or are there any unusual spikes? Regular performance checks are important as they ensure early detection of any issues such as problems with the firing of the tracking code / broken links, incorrect sale or commission amounts, poor promotional performance or a top performing publisher leaving or joining your programme.
  • Check your Interface Activity Stream which details all the activity on your account and respond to any publishers who have sent you a message. Responding to publishers in a timely fashion shows you care about them and the success of your affiliate programme.
  • If you manually approve publishers onto your programme then make sure you process all pending publisher applications as often as possible to prevent them building up into a long list. Delays in processing applications can mean a loss of potential sales and publisher interest, which may result in them choosing to promote a competitor. Publishers can own many different websites so make sure you check their profile pages to find out as much as possible about their promotional activity and decide if they are a good fit for your brand. Applications can be approved, declined (reason must be given) or you can require further information from the affiliate before making your decision.
  • Pending transactions will auto-approve 7 days after your auto validation period set out on your application form. Please check and decline any cancelled orders within this time period or they will be accepted and billable.
  • The dashboard will also alert you to any Transaction Queries that have been submitted. Please check these regularly as all Transaction Queries are set to auto-approve after 75 days.

Build Awareness (0-3 Months)

It is essential that you are confident navigating around the interface if you are to make the most out of your affiliate programme. Set time aside to play around and familiarise yourself with the various sections.

For extra help see: You Tube Video Guides / Advertiser Success Centre

  • Ensure you set out clear and realistic programme objectives. Is your business goal to drive volume, attract new customers, increase average order value (AOV) or to grow your brand awareness online?
  • Make sure you have a good understanding of the different types of publishers and their requirements including the retargeting propositions that can now be explored in the CPA channel.
  • Decide on your communication strategy. How often are you going to communicate with affiliates and how? If you wish to promote your programme via the Awin Publisher newsletter or by having a featured slot within the publisher interface please contact the marketing team @ (UK only)
  • Start engaging with publishers that have been accepted onto your programme. Introduce yourself and find out more about their customer base, how you can work together and how they prefer to be contacted. Share your contact information and make yourself available.
  • Use the My Offers tool to manage your promotions and discount codes whether they be public domain or privately arranged discount. Publishers can download the My Offers feed to gain access to the latest offers from all joined programmes from the network.
  • Always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. What product information is being shared with publishers, what promotions/incentives are they running and where are they appearing? Some publishers will send out newsletters to their consumer base featuring advertiser offers so consider signing up to monitor coverage. Read both The Hub and Awin affiliate newsletter to gather insight into how competitors promote their programmes to publishers on the network.
  • Create and send messages with the Communications Centre to keep your publishers up to date on your latest offers and promotions.

Recruitment and Engagement (3-6 Months)

After 3 months of being live, the network will calculate and publish your AWin Index score in the Advertiser Directory. The Index is a score out of 100 derived from 4 key performance metrics also known as CAVE data:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Approval Percentage
  • Validation Period
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC)

The higher the score the more optimised the programme which makes it more attractive to prospective publishers.

  • Analyse your publisher mix. Do you have good coverage across different publisher types? Remember that you can search the publisher directory by applying filters based on the nature of their promotions to help you with recruitment.
  • Run targeted publisher recruitment initiatives to attract the right publishers with a proven track record in your sector.
  • Identify your top performing publishers and start to build a relationship with them. Find out how you can secure more exposure on their sites, feature in their newsletters and consider testing different incentives such as increased commission.
  • Implement an activation strategy for any inactive affiliates who are signed up to your programme but have yet to send any traffic. Focus on partners that are a good fit for your brand or are known high volume drivers on the network.
  • Run a Publisher Gap Analysis to help show potential gaps in your affiliate programme, plus saves time in finding new top-performing affiliates to work with. To find out more on this service click here. (UK only)

Review and Optimise (6-12 Months)

  • Review your programme objectives to see if they are being met. If not then consider a programme review to identify specific improvement areas.
  • How does your programme compare to other online channels? A well optimised programme can generate up to 20% of your total online sales. Does publisher performance mirror your overall sales activity and what trends are emerging?
  • Is the affiliate channel delivering a good return on investment (ROI)? If not then it may be necessary to review your commission structure. If the programme is performing well then can you improve commission across the board or for specific publisher partners?
  • Review your promotions to ascertain if they are engaging publishers. Could you create more tailored banner creative with targeted sales messaging? Always overlay out of date promotional banners but keep a generic set for brand awareness. Identify any new linking tools that you could introduce for affiliates. Can you be more innovative? What is going to make you stand out from the crowd?
  • Review the success of your incentives to identify what has created the most affiliate engagement and generated the highest revenue. Gain a better understanding of the types of incentives which work well in your sector and continue to monitor The Hub and PerformanceIN forum for ideas.
  • Once top performing publishers have been identified it is important to optimise each relationship. Develop a more tactical strategy such as offering exclusive promotions & discount vouchers, increased commission for newsletter coverage, unique content or providing products for competitions.
  • As the programme becomes more established consider arranging to meet your top publishers in person or think about organising an Affiliate Day.
  • Start forwarding any planning promotional activity. Communication is the key to the success of a programme so always keep your affiliates and the network up to date with important programme news.

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