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A transaction query is a transaction manually added to the system by a publisher. The circumstances for this to occur would be when you believe you have an untracked sale, incorrect commission or when you would like to dispute a declined transaction.

Further examples:

  • Untracked

This can happen for a number of reasons; tracking maybe down on your confirmation page or a user may block 3rd party cookies.

  • Incorrect

A publisher wishes to dispute the commission amount of a transaction.

  • Declined

A publisher would like a transaction re-validated as they believe it to be a valid transaction.

This guide provides details on how to submit transaction queries to advertisers via FTP or manual upload.

Please ensure you add the appropriate information or the transaction may not be validated by the advertiser and note that the maximum age of a transaction that can be uploaded as a transaction query is 4 years (sales date).

How it works

When you add a transaction query into the system, it will go into a new transaction query system in the advertisers’ account. The large majority of Awin's advertiser base have 75 days to review/amend a transaction query or it will be automatically approved.

To add a transaction query, select 'Transaction Queries' from the 'Support' menu.


There are two methods in which you can provide your transaction queries to us - automatically via ftp, or a manual upload via your account.

FTP Upload

To automate the process via FTP you will need to have a personal FTP account or alternatively you can contact support and request an Awin FTP account. Once you have got your FTP username and password you need to click on Transaction Query (located in the right hand side menu of your user area) then on the Automated Data Upload.

You will now be able to enter your username and password along with your file type, schedule and whether or not you wish to receive email reports about the result of the process.

Next, connect to your FTP account and create a folder called ‘transaction_queries’ in the 'uploads' directory (/uploads/transaction_queries/).

Open up this directory and upload your CSV or XML file with the name of data.csv (or data.xml). If you have selected to receive reports on the processing of your file (recommended) then you will receive an e-mail after your file has been processed.


Note: We only update new files, i.e. if you have selected daily but only upload a new file every week – then we will automatically detect this and only process it when it has been updated.

Manual Upload

When logged into your publisher account, access Support > Transaction Queries from the navigation menu. From the options on this page select 'Manual Data Upload'. You will then need to select either an XML or CSV file that conforms to our data file specification and click on the upload button.

You will then receive a message informing you of what lines have / haven’t been uploaded and why.

Data File Specification

Your data file should conform to the structure below before uploading to your account.

Specification Table

Field Name Type Description Example
enquiry_id Integer. Max: 10 char. Unique ID of the query in awin 123456371
type text Can be ‘declined’, ‘incorrect’ or ‘untracked’ untracked
click_ref alpha numeric. Max: 50 char Publisher reference for the conversion clickref12345
merchant_id Integer. Max: 6 char Uniquely identifies the merchant/advertiser in awin system of which the transaction query is related to. 1234
date Date time
(yyyy-mm-dd HH:ii:ss)
Datetime of the order 2012-04-25 23:11:26
amount decimal (7,2) Sale value without currency symbol 5.00
commission decimal (7,2) Commission value without currency symbol 1.00
reference Text. Max: 50 char Order reference, or any data to uniquely identify transaction. ABC123456789
customer_reference Text. Max 20 char Any data to help the merchant to identify the customer (optional) customerRef-ABC_123
Description Text. Max 215 char Any further information for the advertiser regarding the transaction. Commission received was 0.80GBP when it should have been 1.00GBP
Currency Currency Code (3-digit ISO 4217) Currency of the transaction (optional) EUR
Timezone Text Timezone of the transaction (optional) Europe/Dublin

Transaction queries example:

enquiry_id merchant_id type click_ref amount commission date customer_reference reference description
3825 3 untracked CR1 (or 0) 650.99 23.44 YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00 111111-000216 order-ref123


All CSV files ( need to have all values enclosed in double quotes and separated by commas. Each row needs to be separated by a single new line. The first line in the CSV file must contain the correct field headings.

CSV example

123456371,3727,untracked,clickref12345,5.00,1.00,2012-04-25 23:11:00,customerrefSD2343,orderref123447,sale untracked,EUR,Europe/Dublin

Note: make sure the CSV file you are uploading is encoded in UTF-8.


All XML files ( need to be correctly formatted.

XML example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> 
<date>2008-03-20 23:40:09</date>
<description>this purchase was declined, why?</description>
<date>2008-03-22 01:22:24</date>
<description>Purchase amount was for £75.28 but only £68.10 was
<date>2007-04-01 02:21:09</date>
<description>Advantage Card Number: 77712312</description>

FTP Schedule

Our FTP processing gives you the choice between daily and weekly processing. Weekly processing happens at 0200 every Sunday. Daily processing happens at 0200.

Transaction Query Report

You can view the transaction queries, including the current statuses, by selecting “Transaction Query Report”.

You are able refine your search by advertiser Name/ID, Status and Date. You can download the report as CSV file.

Check transaction

Check to see if a transaction will be accepted into the system. You can search by adding the Order Ref, Advertiser ID and Date, as shown below.

Feedback on the Transaction Query tool? Please take a few minutes to fill out our Product Feedback form.


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