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Email Campaign Approvals


The Email Campaign Approvals tool allows you to seek approvals from advertisers for your intended email campaigns. You can submit the content and format of the proposed email and then enter into a dialogue with the advertiser to ensure full brand compliance.


It is mandatory for publishers based in the Benelux region or those looking to address audiences in those regions to seek approval from the relevant advertisers before sending email communications.

How to Access

To access the tool go to the Toolbox menu and under Promotional select Email Campaign Approvals.

Requesting approval for a new email campaign

Your campaign text is ready? Then it's time to request approval.

  1. Click Add Email Campaign.
  2. Fill in the form.
  3. As soon as you fill in the field Email Body (HTML), a preview will open right beneath it. Preview the email campaign thoroughly.
  4. Optionally add a message to the advertiser.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Click Request Approval.

Your approval request is now listed at the top of your email campaign approvals list with the status Awaiting Approval. The advertiser will be notified about your request via email. They can also see it on their email campaign approvals list when logged into the user interface. The advertiser can approve your campaign, request changes, or reject it.

As soon as the status of your approval request changes, you will be notified via email through Awin and the status will be changed in your email campaign approvals list.

Once your approval request has the status Approved your campaign is ready to be sent out.


  • You will not be able to use the tool for same-day approvals.
  • You can withdraw approval requests at any stage during the approval process.
  • You can request approval from up to 20 advertisers in one go.
  • If an advertiser doesn’t respond before the scheduled send date, the campaign will expire. Expired campaigns can be reactivated.

The Approvals Process

An example of an-end-to-end process of a successful campaign approval would be as follows:

StepFromToDetailsCampaign Status
Request ApprovalPublisherAdvertiserYou submit the details of the email, intended audience and proposed send date.Awaiting Approval
Review RequestAdvertiserPublisherAdvertisers review the email approval request and may request changes to the content of the email.Changes Requested
Update EmailPublisherAdvertiserYou review the changes and submit the updates as requested.Awaiting Approval
Approve EmailAdvertiserPublisherAdvertisers review the changes and approve the intended campaign. Approved


  • Advertisers have the discretion to decline approval requests.
  • You will be notified via email of all correspondence.

Request Statuses

Requests can have one of six statuses:

StatusDescriptionPublisher Actions
Awaiting ApprovalA request has been submitted for review.Wait for approval, rejection, or changes to be requested.
ApprovedThe email campaign has been approved.Create and send your email campaign through your desired mail client.
Changes RequestedThe email campaign was reviewed and changes need to be made.Make the requested changes, and if necessary add a message requesting clarifications.
RejectedYour email capmaign was rejected and a reason was provided.Review the accompanying notes and if required, submit a new request.
ExpiredThe content was not approved before the scheduled send date.Reactivate the request with a later scheduled send date.
Withdrawn You withdrew your approval request.Submit a new proposal.

Managing Campaign Approvals

All your existing email campaign approval requests are listed on the Email Campaign Approvals page. You can sort them by Last Updated or Scheduled Send Date, and apply any filters you wish to manage the list.

Updating Campaign Details

  1. Click the magnifying glass to the right of the relevant request.
  2. Review and amend the email campaign and details. Any requested changes will be shown under the message history.
  3. Add an optional comment into the Message to Advertiser text field.
  4. Click Update to resubmit with new details.

Withdrawing an Approval Request

  1. Click the magnifying glass to the right of the relevant request.
  2. Click Withdraw Request.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.

Reactivating an Approval Request

  1. Click the Reactivate Request icon to the right of an expired request.
  2. Choose a new send date.
  3. Make any other modifications if needed.
  4. Add a message to the advertiser.
  5. Click Reactivate.


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