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Creating a Test Transaction via the Tracking Diagnosis Tool

After integrating the Awin tracking you will need to create a test transaction via the Awin User Interface (UI) to check the tracking is working correctly.

Complete the following steps to conduct a test transaction:

1. Log into your advertiser account via the Awin UI and use the navigation bar to go to Support > Integration > Tracking Diagnosis

2. Click ‘Create a test transaction’ to show the test transaction steps

3. Click the test publisher link shown on screen. This link is unique to your programme and will track your test purchase.

Note: Never use a publisher affiliate link to test your tracking.

4. Purchase products on your site. Make sure you have 2 different products in your basket – one with a quantity of one and another with a quantity of 2. If possible, apply a discount voucher code (example: 10% off) during the transaction.

5. Take a screenshot of your order confirmation. This needs to include VAT, shipping costs, and the voucher code (if applicable)

6. Search the order reference in the 'Order Reference' search function to find your transaction in the Awin system.

7. Check 'Search Results' to see if there are any errors with your tracking and how to resolve them. Issues are grouped into the following types:

  • Critical Issues - A critical issue has been found in relation to your tracking test. This will need to be resolved for your program to be able to track transactions correctly/go live
  • Warnings - A warning doesn’t prevent your program tracking transactions however it may lead to discrepancies and should be addressed as best practice.

8. If the results show no critical issues your tracking has been established to a satisfactory level.

9. Contact with your account name and AID to confirm you’ve completed a test transaction so they can verify your tracking is working correctly and provide technical sign-off. You will need to include the screenshot of your basket, taken in step 5, and confirm which voucher code was used and the discount it applies to (if applicable).

Note: Remember to confirm with the Awin integrations team if you have set yourself up for delivery and tax to be excluded in your Awin tracking as well as if you are giving visibility of voucher codes used for discounts when purchasing your products.

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