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App Tracking - Guidelines & Best Practice

As a core requirement of our Advertiser Tracking Policy, Awin recognises the crucial role in-app tracking plays in ensuring data accuracy, publisher recognition and the future overall health of the performance channel in the coming years.

Guidelines & Best Practice:

Mobile is playing an increasingly pivotal role in the affiliate channel, contributing a larger share of overall traffic than desktop for the majority of publishers. For advertisers with a transactional app, it’s important to capitalise on this; ensuring publishers are rewarded fairly whilst getting a more holistic view of customer journey data and subsequently running more effective acquisition campaigns.

If your programme sees a high proportion of sales coming from mobile and you have an app, implementing app-tracking onto your affiliate programme should be on your radar. You can either implement app tracking onto your affiliate programme through an existing integration with an MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner) or with Button (an app tracking specialist within the affiliate space who will need an MMP integration to tap into). However you wish to proceed, the best next step is to speak to your Awin Account Manager to discuss your options.

Awin already has module integrations with Adjust, Appsflyer and Branch – three of the biggest MMPs in the space - as well as a close partnership with Button (an in-app performance marketing specialist). These integrations primarily consist of a pre-built post-back within the MMP’s (or Button’s) platform that can be easily enabled by the advertiser. If you wish to integrate through an MMP that doesn’t have a module integration with us, Awin is happy to explore custom solutions with our clients and have a number of existing examples.

Whatever integration process you decide upon, ensure your Awin representative is aware of your decision and able to streamline communications between you, the third party you’ll be using to integrate with and Awin’s tech representative working on your integration. Once you decide upon how you wish to proceed (whether you’ll be tracking installs, events or both) and what commission group you wish these events to fall into (the commission groups will need to be mapped between your MMP platform and Awin UI), Awin will ensure that your tracking links have all necessary changes in place to start tracking any app-based events on your programme by a date of your choosing.

When considering your user journey, the optimum setup would be to direct users who already have your app downloaded to the app store and continue to send those that don’t to m-web. If you have strategies around increasing app usage and installs, this can be incorporated into your setup through the use of interstitial pages or m-web banners. These will give your users the option to go to the app store to download your app to subsequently continue their journey on your app however this should not be a forced redirect as it is a disruptive journey for the user and encourages drop-offs; non-app users should always have the option to continue on m-web.

For those who have app tracking up and running, transparency is key for your publishers. Attribution windows should be consistent across your programme, if you have a cookie window set to 30 days for standard sales, this should be set up for your app sales too. If there is any inconsistency, however, it’s imperative that the rationale and likely impact is made clear to your publishers via your Awin profile page. This is also true of commission groups. App customers have been consistently shown to provide higher AOV’s and convert better than non-app consumers, so you should set-up commission groups to reflect this and incentivise publishers with high volumes of mobile traffic to promote you over a competitor. Whatever figures you decide upon, ensure it’s listed within your Awin profile page.

Summary of Action Points:

1. Ensure you have an existing MMP in place (please reach out to if you’d like any advice on the ones best suited to work with Awin).

2. Speak to your Awin representative and inform them of your interest in opening up app tracking for your affiliate programme.

3. Confirm what app-based events you wish to track and commission.

4. Agree on app-based commission groups and ensure they’re set up on both your MMP’s platform and the Awin platform.

5. Confirm the date on which you want the tracking to go live with your Awin representative.

6. Awin will make the necessary changes to ensure your programme is ready to start tracking app based events.

7. Keep your profile up to date with any additional cookie windows or commission groups.

Best Practice Guidelines:

• Send app users to your app whilst directing non-app users to m-web.

• Maintain consistent attribution windows across your entire affiliate programme.

• Considering how valuable app-based consumers are, we recommend having commission groups that reflect this added value to your programme.

• Whatever your status and process when it comes to app tracking, ensure it is clearly stated on your Awin profile.

To make the most of Awin's app-tracking technology, please contact your dedicated Awin contact or email Awin’s global strategic partnerships team.


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