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Advertiser Dashboard

The advertiser dashboard is the first page viewed by an advertiser after they click through to view their account from the main User Dashboard.

Advertisers can use this area to get a clear summary of the activity on their account over the last month, as well as a list of tasks for them to perform to keep their account running smoothly.

Monthly Periods Comparison

This graph shows the number of Clicks driven to an advertiser's website, the number of Sales generated through their publisher channel, and the total value of the Sales driven, and compares it to the the same period from the previous month. Advertisers can therefore monitor the fluctuations to their statistics from one month to the next.

The statistics beneath this show the numbers contained in the graph

To Do List

The To Do List is designed to help advertisers see the most important tasks to complete in order to maintain their network account and run a successful programme.

The To Do List will inform an advertiser if they need to:

  • Validate commissions
  • Investigate transaction queries
  • Approve new publishers
  • Update their profile
  • Make changes to their ShopWindow Product Feed
  • Look at any expiring voucher codes
  • Check or update any support tickets they have in progress

Account Overview

This feature is designed so that the advertiser can see at a glance the key statistics relating to their advertiser account. The data in the overview includes the following:

  • The advertiser's payment status
  • The number of pending sales
  • The value of pending sales
  • Total number of publishers
  • Number of products in ShopWindow
  • Date of last changes made to product feed
  • Date the product feed was last imported

Awin Index Progress

A advertiser's Awin Index score is calculated by taking into account their Conversion Rate, Approval %, Validation time and average Earnings per Click across their publisher sites.

This feature shows the advertiser how these statistics have changed from the previous month to this - highlighting clearly any achievements and potential areas for improvement should the advertiser wish to focus on enhancing their Awin Index score.


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