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Publisher Recruitment

So you've got your publisher programme up and running, but how do you attract publishers to promote your business? Obviously a competitive commission rate and healthy Programme Performance Indicator’s (PPIs) are a great way to get the interest of the publisher community but what are the best ways to promote your programme to get the widest selection of publishers on board?

Here at Awin, we have made a simple guide which looks at all of the ways you can advertise your programme to publishers, and will help you identify ways in which to find the most relevant publishers for your business sector.

Direct Recruitment

Awin has a range of promotional tools available to advertisers, all of which can be utilised for recruitment of publishers already on the network. You can add a recruiter link to your communications, which takes new publishers to your sign-up page. Simply copy and paste the format below, making sure you replace XXX with your unique Awin advertiser ID.

Weekly Affiliate Newsletter

Published every Wednesday, this HTML newsletter is sent to every publisher on the network and is therefore the perfect place to speak to potential partners. Content includes ‘Offer of the Week’, ‘Advertiser of the Month’ and ‘Featured Promotions. To submit copy for inclusion, e-mail our marketing team at You can find more information about the Publisher Newsletter in your advertiser account, under 'Communications', 'Publisher newsletter'. Please note, not all submissions will make the newsletter- offers are chosen on the basis of their strength.

The Hub

Available 24/7 to any advertiser or publisher with an Awin account, the Hub is a dedicated resource for Awin publishers giving them instant access to the latest deals, codes, sales and new product information. Subscribing publishers can even receive automatic live updates on particular sections, including offers emerging from specific sectors, allowing your promotions to reach a much wider audience! It can be used by advertisers to communicate incentives and at the same time attract new publishers. You can find a direct link to 'The Hub' under 'Toolbox' in the advertiser administration area.

There are also a number of other ways you can look to source and attract new publishers to your programme which are additional to the methods offered by the network.

Search Engines

An easy way to identify strong potential publishers is to find those that appear on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask under keywords relevant to your business.

Those that are not advertisers and appear in the sponsored listings are most likely to be publishers; there will even be publishers in the natural listings too. If you are unsure as to whether a site is working as a publisher or not then there are two simple ways in which you can find out.

The first is to use existing links on the site to determine whether or not the publisher uses publisher tracking links. You should be able to right-click on any outgoing links and choose the option ‘properties’ from the menu that appears. You will then be shown the destination URL and here is where you will find the tracking, if there is any.

Links look like this:

The first part of the URL tells us which network the link is tracking through; in this case tells us the publisher is working with Awin. If the publisher is not using Awin links then here is a list of URLs you might see when researching publishers in this way:

Tracking Network Affiliate Future Awin Commission Junction Paid On Results Tradedoubler

The second way to identify who runs a particular site is to use the free service Who Is which can provide you with details of the registered domain owner.

If you find a site you like and you cannot find a ‘contact us’ section then Who Is can often provide you with an e-mail address so that you can contact the owner of the website. You can then start up a dialogue and hopefully get them to join your programme.

Finally, there is also the option to recruit through the internal Publisher Directory. By going through your profile to Account Management> Publisher Directory you will find a comprehensive list of the publishers on our network. You can click through to their profile by clicking on the 'Actions' icon on the right hand side of the page.

Indirect Recruitment

Here we have listed a few quick and easy to implement ideas that could help you grab the attention of the passing publishers.

Affiliate Recruitment Page

Firstly, add a publisher information/recruiter page to your website. The publisher visiting your site is more than likely already engaged with your products and is therefore more open to the idea of earning commissions on sales.

A perfect example is Prezzybox publisher page which can be found here.

Affiliate Blog

If you are able to setup a blog for publishers, complete with useful information and offers, then it is definitely worthwhile doing. This will attract publishers that are keen to build strong relationships with their advertiser partners, as well as pro-active publishers who are keen to have all the latest promotional methods and information at their fingertips.

A great example of one is The Bathroom Affiliate blog (Big Bathroom Shop, Cheap Suites and Next Bathrooms).

Dedicated blogs are not only a great way to communicate effectively with your existing publisher base; supplying your publishers with the correct tools to promote you, as soon as possible, will result in stronger, better organised campaigns.


Get a Twitter account purely for publisher updates. You will be surprised by the number of publishers who love to Tweet and the number of advertisers already making the most of this social networking phenomenon.

Great examples are Dorothy Perkins, Kitbag and Wickes.

Remember you can follow us on Twitter too, just check out @UK_Awin to see what we’ve been tweeting.


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