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The Opportunity Marketplace is a new tool that lets publishers list, manage and promote all of the advertising options that are available on their website. They are then viewed and considered by the advertisers of Awin in an easy-to-use directory.

Opportunity Marketplace video guide and for other tutorials click here.


There are a number of reasons for this update; first and foremost is that we want to empower you to set the terms and commercials under which you operate to help broaden the support that Awin and its advertisers can offer you.

Secondly, we acknowledge that it’s not uncommon for you to offer more than one advertising option on your site. We’ve seen the emergence of payment for email placements, homepage takeovers, sponsored content, sponsored social posts and category placements just to name a few and we believe that a profile and a listed website doesn’t do your business justice.

With so many opportunities on offer and so many advertisers to contact, managing and selecting these opportunities can be difficult and time consuming. Our final motivation for creating this feature was to make it easy for publishers to showcase their diversity and make it easier for advertisers to find new opportunities.

An Advertiser's view of the Opportunity Marketplace

It’s possible to deep-link through to any opportunity and share these. When viewing an opportunity in the directory, you can copy the URL from the browser. These URLs are unique to the opportunity and can be shared across different advertiser accounts. When clicking on the link, the opportunity will open in the Advertiser account which you most recently accessed. If you want to view the opportunity under a different account, switch accounts in the account switcher and re-enter the opportunity URL.


1. Login to the Awin interface and find it under Links & Tools > Opportunity Marketplace
2. Click on "Add New Opportunity"
3. Fill in your opportunity details and press 'publish'.


How will Advertisers see my opportunities?
Advertisers will have access to a directory of all Publisher opportunities. To make your listing stand out to try to keep it concise and include as many key facts as possible.

How will Advertisers reply to my opportunities?
Advertisers will be able to directly respond to each one of your opportunities. Responses will be sent directly to the primary email listed in your Account > Settings > Contact Details.

What should I include in my opportunity?
You should make the opportunity as informative as possible, and include the key benefits of the opportunity, including details of the placement and audience reach where applicable.

How should I value my opportunity?
This is entirely up to you. The value of your opportunity should reflect it's worth in terms of what it can deliver for the advertiser. Remember that the opportunity may be competing with others of a similar type for an advertiser's attention so competitive pricing may prove to be important. A variety of pricing options are available, which can be selected when you enter your opportunity, including:-

- Fixed cost - Fixed CPA - Percentage CPA

Remember, a percentage CPA will vary in monetary value depending on the average order values of the advertiser that makes you an offer.


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