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January 2013

Did Mega Monday get Eclipsed as the Peak Christmas Trading Period?

Matt Swan - PerformanceIN - 02/01/2013

Peering into the Future of Performance Marketing: Ten 2013 Predictions

Simon Hofmeister - PerformanceIN - 08/01/2013

A Performance Marketing Checklist for Small Advertisers

Matt Swan - PerformanceIN - 11/01/2013

Post-Christmas sales and device trends: stats round up

Matt Swan - Econsultancy - 14/01/2013

Advertiser Shopping Tips for Affiliates

Margaret Odunukwe - PerformanceIN - 18/01/2013

Are We Relying Too Much on Cashback?

Simon Hofmeister - PerformanceIN - 21/01/2013

Behind the Scenes of the IAB and PwC OPM Study

Kevin Edwards - PerformanceIN - 24/01/2013

February 2013

Performance Marketing; Bridging the Gap between Value and Expectation

Mark Walters - PerformanceIN - 05/02/2013

The Rise of Mobile within the Performance Channel

Matt Swan - Fourth Source- 28/02/2013

March 2013

Retargeting Through CPC or CPA: The Network Perspective

Chris Said - PerformanceIN- 01/03/2013

How mobile-optimised sites drive conversion rates and AOVs

Matt Swan - Econsultancy- 01/03/2013

How to Create a Social Strategy for Your Affiliate Site

Stu Ralph - PerformanceIN- 11/03/2013

Are Cashback websites really driving incremental sales?

Matt Swan - PerformanceIN- 27/03/2013

Challenges within the Performance Marketing Industry

Matt Swan - Fourth Source- 28/03/2013

April 2013

Making the most of mobile over the holiday period

Matt Swan - Econsultancy- 17/04/2013

Using data to understand value through the performance marketing channel

Matt Swan - Fourth Source- 25/04/2013

May 2013

Penguin 2.0: Should Performance Marketers be Worried?

Sylvia Nankivell - PerformanceIN- 17/05/2013

Advertisers continuing to embrace m-commerce through the performance channel

Matt Swan - Fourth Source- 30/05/2013

June 2013

Declined Transactions: Conversation Starter or Commission Killer?

Edwyn McFarlane - PerformanceIN- 14/06/2013

Business Intelligence - Powering More Meaningful Data

Matt Swan - Fourth Source- 27/06/2013

July 2013

Maximising mobile optimised sites to improve conversions and boost average order values

Matt Swan - Drapers- 04/07/2013

Performance marketing driven by data insights

Matt Swan - Drapers- 04/07/2013

Is SEO Affected by Affiliate Links Pointing to Your Advertiser Site?

Sylvia Nankivell - PerformanceIN- 23/07/2013

August 2013

From Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel

Matt Swan - Fourth Source- 01/08/2013

Getting to grips with data through business intelligence

Matt Swan - Drapers- 16/08/2013

Show IAB the money

Kevin Edwards - PerformanceIN- 23/08/2013

Search, Social and Mobile – How do They All Fit Together?

Sylvia Nankivell - PerformanceIN- 27/08/2013

Internationalisation of the performance marketing channel

Matt Swan - Fourth Source- 30/08/2013

September 2013

How to measure the ROI of your affiliate marketing campaign

Matt Swan - Drapers- 09/09/2013

Maximising the potential of QR codes

Matt Swan - Drapers- 16/09/2013

Who cares about compliance?

Kevin Edwards - The Drum- 23/09/2013

The Importance of Cookie Hierarchies

Matt Swan - Fourth Source- 26/09/2013

October 2013

Why no one Cares About Affiliate Marketing (And Why it is Your Fault)

Kevin Edwards - PerformanceIN - 08/10/2013

The rise of internationalisation amongst UK retailers

Matt Swan - Econsultancy - 14/10/2013

Is There a Lack of Focus on Publisher Innovation

Kevin Edwards - PerformanceIN - 21/10/2013

The International affiliate opportunity

Kevin Edwards - IMRG - 22/10/2013

Right to reply: Google Hummingbird – a more human search engine?

Sylvia Nankivell - Net Imperative - 25/10/2013

November 2013

The rise of the affiliate blog within the fashion sector

Matt Swan - Drapers - 04/11/2013

Performance Marketing Trends – What can we expect from 2014

Matt Swan - Fourth Source - 07/11/2013

Attribution - the great debate

Matt Swan - Fourth Source - 26/11/2013

December 2013

Five Tips to Prepare for the January Travel Boom

Robert Davinson - PerformanceIN - 30/12/2013


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