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Frequently Asked Questions by Publishers - Technical

Data Feeds

I am able to download an Advertiser's Data Feed, however I am not joined to the Advertiser

Awin operate a 'soft membership' rule which applies to selected Advertisers who have "auto-join" enabled for their affiliate approvals and have a valid Data Feed. If a sale occurs via the use of this Data Feed you will be credited for this transaction.

Why isn’t a specific product appearing on the Data Feed?

The Advertiser may not have opted to add this into their Data Feed due to constraints such as maintaining the Data Feed on a regular basis. You can investigate this further by contacting the Awin Account Manager listed on the Advertiser profile page.

Why isn’t an Advertiser's Data Feed showing in Create-a-Feed?

If you have recently joined an Advertiser it may take up to one hour to register the approval within our Create-a-Feed system. If this still doesn't work please contact the Publisher Success email: Awin Publisher Success

The Advertiser's Data Feed is out-of-date

If you believe that an Advertiser's Data Feed needs to be updated or contains errors within the links/images/descriptions then you can contact the relevant Awin Account Manger for the Advertiser.


Publisher API

The Publisher API offers a set of API calls that allow you to pull data about the programs on the platform, the commission you can earn from those programs, your transactions and aggregated reports.

The API uses REST as a standard, with oauth2 for authentication, and JSON as the default response data format.


How do I make links open in a new window?

Adding (target="_blank") at the end of the URL enables the link to open up in a new window.

<a href ="https://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=merchantId&id=affiliateId" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Test</a>

For banners, make sure the (target="_blank") is added at the end of the URL within the href tag.

How do I use Click Ref?

Please refer to the Publisher_Click_Ref Report for further information

Example Links

Default Text Link

Deep Link

For Deep Links, the Publisher Reference is added before the Deep Link URL (before &ued=)

You may want to use this functionality if you are linking to category or product pages of the Advertiser's site.

We always recommend that Publishers use the Link Builder to create Deep Links. More information can be found on the Deep Link Builder page.

Data Feed Link

You can gain access to Advertiser Data Feeds by using the Create-a-Feed Data Feed system in your account listed under Toolbox.


Banner code will allow you to display the banner image along with a trackable link. You will be able to use the Creative report to view impressions, clicks and transactions per banner. You can add a Publisher Reference in the Click URL and in the Image URL

Banner Click URL :

Banner Image URL  :

Transaction Queries

Transaction Queries are manually added to the system. Transaction Queries arise when a Publisher registers an untracked sale, incorrect commission or requires a transaction to be re-validated as it was previously declined.

Transaction Notification

Transaction Notification is a service provided by Awin which sends transactional information to a selected Publisher URL using POST requests.

Do we not have what you are looking for?

Visit the Wanted Pages area of the Wiki to learn how to get your desired content added.


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