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Product Feeds for Publishers

Column Descriptions

Column Descriptions give detailed information on how our feeds are structured.

What is a Data Feed?

A data feed is a download which lists all the products that an Advertiser offers.

Each feed contains information on the following for each of an Advertiser's products:

  • Awin deep link going directly to the product page
  • Name and description
  • Price, including discounts, shipping, etc
  • Images
  • Additional information for the particular Advertisers' vertical (fashion, telecoms, etc).

Why is a feed useful?

Feeds allow Publishers to quickly find and display links without having to manually create your own deep links each time.

Price comparison Publishers are the main users of our data feed platform.

The feeds give you direct access to millions of product details and prices, allowing you to search and filter and display them in a variety of ways. From price comparisons and daily deals, to niche or general interest products, there are any number of ways that the data can be used to promote products on your site.

How can I access a Data Feed?

There are two ways to access data feeds:

Product Feed List with Last Update Time

Using our Product Feed List Download tool, you can download a list of all feeds you can access including last update time so you only download feeds when they have been updated.

Exclusive Enhanced Awin Telco Feeds (UK only)

We offer a set of exclusive enhanced Awin Telco Feeds.

Awin Image Resize and Caching

We provide a resize and caching service. See Product Data Feed Image Resize and Caching

Recommendation: How to download our feeds

Our servers receive a lot of load at the start of the hour and especially at the start of each minute. We offer an endpoint with the last update times of the data feeds so you don't need to repeatedly download the same feed.

If you are using 'cron', please make sure you wait for between 10 seconds and 2 minutes at the start of your script. This is because the servers are very busy in the first two or three seconds and we may drop or queue incoming requests.

Recommended cron script:

# Wait for a random amount of time to ensure your request doesn't hit the servers during a peak
SLEEP random number of seconds between 10 seconds and 2 minutes
DOWNLOAD Product Feed List # If unsuccessful, wait 5 minutes and try again.
CHECK Last Update for the feed from the Product Feed List
IF New Last Update > Old Last Update THEN
    # The feed has been updated, download the new version of the feed
    DOWNLOAD Feed # If unsuccessful, wait 5 minutes and try again.
    Old Last Update = New Last Update # Save the last update


Technical FAQ


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