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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Linking

Direct Linking is when a Publisher creates sponsored PPC ads that link directly to an Advertiser’s site. If Direct Linking is restricted, Publishers can use their own domain or site and create their own landing page that they send visitors to first, before sending them to the Advertiser's site.

Advantages to Direct Linking:

  • The conversion rate is usually higher as a result of Direct Linking
  • Better customer journey as there is no need for a landing page
  • Can lead to a higher rank in Google

Disadvantages to Direct Linking:

  • Allowing Direct Linking can lead to less control over your brand
  • Can potentially conflict with an Advertiser's own campaign, as there can only be one ad per URL per search term. This could result in an Advertiser’s own ad being removed if Google deem a Publisher’s ad to be better.

Whether you decide to allow Publishers to link directly or not, it is important that this is clearly outlined in your program terms and conditions.


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