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Stuck? Click the banner below to watch the WordPress/WooCommerce Integration video tutorial!

Step One - Install and configure plugin

The quickest and simplest way to integrate Awin tracking on your website is to use a plugin we have built which is available within the Woo Commerce/Word Press plugins directory.

Please follow this link which also includes installation instructions:

Tip - your Advertiser ID (also referred to as Merchant ID) can be found within your Awin account by clicking on Account > Overview, where the unique ID will be shown underneath your account name.

Please also see: WooCommerce FAQs for any common issues you may encounter.

Please note: The Awin plugin currently only supports the standard Woo Commerce theme and we cannot guarantee other theme modifications will be compatible without further custom development work by advertisers

Last Step - Tracking Tests

After integrating the Awin tracking you will need to create a test transaction via the Awin User Interface to check the tracking is working correctly.

Complete the steps to conduct a test transaction via our Test Transaction Guide

Return to tracking guide home page here


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