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Voucher Attribution

Voucher Attribution is a tracking method that enables cookie-less tracking by being able to track sales on just a voucher code alone.

This guide includes information about the Voucher Attribution Tool built at Awin to support the collaboration between advertisers and publishers.

How does it Work?

Voucher Attribution enabled codes can be given to an exclusive publisher of your choosing. Publishers can then use that code to drive sales in places such as social media sites. When a sale is made using that voucher code you pass that voucher code to us via the tracking tag. With this, we are able to attribute a sale to the publisher that the voucher was assigned to.


Sales tracked via Voucher Attribution will always be awarded to the publisher assigned to the exclusive code. This means that if a voucher code is picked up by other publishers who drive sales with it, the commission will still be awarded to the exclusive voucher publisher.

Channel Settings

A new channel parameter setting has been implemented that allows you to track voucher codes only for specific channel parameters. This means that if you were previously not allowing Awin to track on a specific channel parameter but you wish to allow voucher attribution tracking, you now can. Please get in touch with your account manager for them to update your settings.

Tracking Requirements

To be able to track via voucher attribution your integration must meet the following requirements:

  • Have either unconditional tracking in place or use the channel parameters to de-dupe against other channels
  • Voucher codes are sent in the voucher code parameter of our tracking tag

How to set up Voucher Attribution

You can create vouchers with voucher attribution enabled from within your account: Links & Tools > My Offers

Click ‘Add voucher’ and fill in the voucher details.

Set ‘enable voucher attribution’ to yes, this will allow tracking and commission attribution to the exclusive publisher

You can view the voucher created on the "My Offer" page. Advertisers are also able to fully edit existing vouchers as long as they are not active. If a voucher is already active, advertisers can only edit limited parts of the voucher, such as the end date and description.


Advertisers can get reporting on voucher codes within the transactions report.

Transactions report UI

Advertisers can see any voucher codes used on a transaction within the interface under the “Voucher” column. However, some voucher codes are tracked via cookies, so not all voucher code transactions are tracked using Voucher Attribution. The transactions report also allows advertisers to search for specific voucher codes in the filter section of the report.

Transactions report export

Advertiser have visibility on any voucher codes used on a transaction within the transaction exports under the “Voucher” column, however this does not mean that transaction was tracked via voucher tracking.


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