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Affiliate Dashboard

The Publisher Dashboard is the first page that a publisher will land on when they navigate to their account. It provides an at a glance preview of how they are performing. The dashboard includes some fantastic features to help monitor account performance.

Monthly Periods Comparison

This graph details key figures such as Commission (confirmed and pending), Number of Sales and Clicks that have been generated by the publisher for a given time period.

The graph gives a comparative performance indication from today and the same time period in the previous month. This enables the publisher to see if they are ahead or behind on their performance.

Account Balances

This feature details the following key earning figures for the specific publisher account:

  • Cleared Balance- This is the amount you will receive on your next payment run once the payment threshold on your account has been reached.
  • Confirmed Balance- This is the total amount of commissions that have been validated by the relevant advertiser.
  • Pending Balance- This is the total amount of commission that are waiting to be validated by the relevant advertisers.
  • Next Payment Amount
  • Note- After a commission is confirmed it is not always paid instantly. Advertisers operating on an amber payment status have to be invoiced and pay Awin before we can move this amount into the cleared balance.


Merchants and Promotions

Here the publisher is able to see recommendations made to them by Digital Window and by advertisers offering particularly strong offers. This includes:

  • Merchant of the Month
  • Offer of the Week
  • Editor's Pick
  • Featured Promotion

Further details of these offers can be found on the Offers blog.

New Merchants

This feature enables publishers to see at a glance the newest programmes that have launched on the network. It shows the key information such as a programmes Commission Rate, Cookie length, whether a Product Feed is available and gives the option for a publisher to sign up.

There is also a link here for publisher s to go to and access the Advertiser Directory.


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