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WordPress: Q&A surrounding common implementation issues

We have documented some of the most common Q&A areas for the WordPress Platform.

1) Channel parameter from my test transaction does not return 'aw'

WordPress' own Floating Bar named 'adminbar' sometimes interferes with our channel parameter. Instead of ch=aw it records the channel as 'adminbar' (see below).

Solution: Re-install the plugin and run a test transaction. If the issue persists, the technical contact should add the channel 'adminbar' to 'track everything' (NPA>Channel Settings>Add New Channel Rule).

2) The MasterTag (Dwin1) is firing intermittently on my website

In some cases the Awin MasterTag domain 'dwin1.com' is added to the DNS Prefetching configuration of the website (see below).

Solution: Review the website's DNS Prefetching configuration. It's also advised to remove the domain 'dwin1.com' from prefetching. If the issue persists, the plugin source code should be amended.

To do this, first locate the plugin within the WordPress Admin Area, go to: Plugins-->Plugin Editor-->Use the theme drop-down list on the right to find and select "Awin Advertiser Tracking.php". After the script is selected, please click on the following link and view the PDF file for further instructions. (File:Force Mastertag to fire.pdf)

3) Lazy Loading is blocking the tracking tags on my website, in particular the Image Pixel Tag

This is possibly the biggest pain-point with WordPress/WooCommerce. From WordPress Version 5.5 onwards, Lazy Loading is enabled by default, this is known as 'native lazy-loading'. You will know the 'native lazy-loading' is enabled if you see "loading=lazy" within the HTML code of your page. There are also third-party apps that can have the lazy-loading feature and in this case the lazy-loading may have a "class" attribute such as class="lazyloaded". To summarise, if you do not see it in this format: "loading=lazy", then the lazy loading is being triggered by a third-party app that was installed onto the website.

Solution: Firstly, you will need to identify whether your lazy loading is being triggered by default WordPress or a third-party plugin. If it is the default WordPress variant, please reach out to your technical contact for assistance. If not, it is advised that all existing plugins on the website should be reviewed and any third-party plugins that may be associated with Lazy Loading should be disabled/removed. Some of the known plugins are WP Rocket, Cloudflare (settings within Cloudflare include Lazy Loading) and Ewww Image Optimizer. There are also some custom themes that have performance settings within them and they also include Lazy Loading option. Once you have reviewed your website plugins and theme, and made amendments, please run a test transaction. If the issue persists or you have any questions, please inform your technical contact.

4) The MasterTag (Dwin1) and conversion script seems to be blocked/not firing on my website

This issue may be coming from the same source(s) as the Lazy Loading issue. We simply cannot provide a one-size-fits-all solution as there are hundreds of third-party apps and custom themes that have certain settings within them which claim to 'aid and optimise the speed and responsiveness' of a website. Custom 'thank you'/confirmation pages can be a culprit too. For example, a highly customised 'thank you' page with no visible order information can be an issue. A popular plugin for custom themes is "YITH". Another culprit is the 'Cloudflare' plugin/platform which aids with caching and speed optimising. Cloudflare has built-in JavaScript and Image settings that can block our tags from firing.

Solution: Firstly, to ensure that the issue is not being caused from your local machine, please double-check whether you have any Adblocking or JavaScript blocking software/extension installed on your browser. If so, please disable these prior to your test transaction. Next step is to review all third-party apps installed on your website; any app that claims to help with 'caching' or 'speed optimizing' should be checked for any settings that block or 'minify' JavaScript (sometimes referred to as 'JS minification'). If you come across any related settings or checkboxes, please disable/'uncheck' them, save changes and run a test. If the issue persists, then the theme should be reviewed. There are custom themes with built-in settings and checkboxes that have the same features as some of these third-party apps. Similarly, customised 'thank you' pages can interfere with our tracking tags and block them from firing on the checkout confirmation page. A popular one is "YITH" Themes - a plugin which can stop our tracking from working as expected due to it's highly custom nature. If all the above has been actioned and no luck, please reach out to your technical contact for escalation.

5) The "Settings" option is missing and I cannot add my Advertiser ID when trying to configure the plugin

An issue that has been raised a few times but is not being caused from Awin's side. We suspect it's a server/loading issue on WordPress' end.

Solution: Accessing your admin panel on a different browser and/or incognito mode (private window) should do the trick.

6) Can I use the plugin for my multi-site structure on WordPress?

WordPress allows multi-site capabilities under one single dashboard.

Solution: Unfortunately, our plugin is designed for a quick and easy integration with the idea of "plug and play". The short answer is unfortunately, no. However if the multi-site setup is solely for different languages, then we recommend using the "WooCommerce Multilingual" plugin. Please note that for this plugin to work, you will also need to install WPML. For more information, please see WPML features and more information.

7) I'm selling courses via the 'Tutor LMS plugin, will this be a problem with the tracking?'

Tutor LMS is a WordPress extension that allows site owners to sell courses through the plugin (allowing owners to use it as a secondary "product" section to add the courses).

Solution: Unfortunately, our plugin is not compatible with the Tutor LMS extension and therefore only the Server-to-Server tracking tag fires. In some cases, your technical contact may be able to sign-off your program with only the Server-to-Server tracking firing, however this depends on circumstances and cannot always be accepted. Ask your technical contact for more information and guidance.

8) What voucher code formats are accepted by Awin?

There are some special characters that are not compatible with the Awin platform such as % or , or . and so these should not be used, any spacings should also be removed.

Solution: We suggest reviewing all the active voucher codes on your website and recommend that no special characters are used. For example, the following voucher codes will cause tracking issues: 50%off and 25.off. In this example, changing the voucher codes to 50OFF and 25PC-OFF respectively, would ensure that there are no issues caused by voucher code formatting (these are just examples and you can name your codes anything else but without the use of the special characters/spacing).


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