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Frequently Asked Questions - Wiki - Editing

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Creating and Editing Pages


To create a new page it is a good idea that you initially search to make sure that the page has not already been created. If you are certain that it has not then use the URL address bar to begin creating that page. Navigating to TestPage will bring up a new page that is not yet created. It will then give you the option to create this page. When creating your own pages replace TestPage with the name of the page you wish to create.


To edit an already existing article you will need to navigate to the article and then click edit this page at the top. Once you have carried out the edits that you wish it is best to view them using the Show preview button under the editing window. This way you can make sure no mistakes have been made before publishing.

When actually creating the content for a page you can use the toolbar above the editing window for some simple formatting.

An edit should be reviewed to confirm that it is consensual to all concerned editors. Before engaging in an edit, a user should consider discussing proposed changes on the article discussion/talk page. During the edit, if doing so over an extended period, this can reduce the likelihood of an edit conflict. There are no necessary terms to which you have to agree when doing edits, but the recommendations above have become best practice. If you do it your own way, the likelihood of your edits being reedited may be higher.


Once you have finished creating or editing an article you can click the Save page button under the editing window to save this page. There are a few different options here that are further explained below.

Preview a Page

To preview the changes that you have made simply click the Show preview button and this will generate the page in the same way that it would appear once saved. Here you can proof read the article before making a permanent save.

Text Formatting

Below are some tips to help you get started


To create a heading for a title then use the button in the toolbar or use equal signs either side of the text, this will automatically create a table of contents with respective hierarchy on the top of the page (TOC).

Heading size 1 (big):

= Title Text =

Heading size 2 (medium with horizontal rule divider):

== Title Text ==

Heading size 3 (small):

=== Title Text ===

Bold Text

To make the text bold use the button in the toolbar or use three apostrophes either side of the text.


'''Bold Text Here'''

Italic Text

To make the text appear as italic use the button in the toolbar or use two apostrophes either side of the text.


''Italics Here''

Underline Text

To underine text use HTML as there is no button in the toolbar


<u>Underline Text</u>

Internal Links

To create an internal link to another wiki page use the button in the toolbar or use two square brackets either side of the word that needs linking. The below examples will look for a page in the wiki called Cashback and direct the user there. The second example b) is how to link word phrases as opposed to a single word.


a) Internal Link to a [[Cashback]] page.

b) Internal Link to a page about [[Cashback|cashback websites]]

External Links

To create an external link to a website outside of the wiki then use the button in the toolbar or use one square bracket either side of the URL but be sure to prefix the URL with http:// otherwise it will not work. Alternatively if you wish the URL to appear live on site then just type it out with the http:// prefix. You will notice that the below method of linking differs from the one above in that the “phrased” link does not have a pipe (|) to distinguish between the link and the phrase but has a space instead. This is because links can include pipes.


a) External link to Awin –

b) External link to [ Awin]

Bullet Points

To use bullet points simply prefix each line with a *


* This

* is

* my

* list

Email Links

To set up an external link to email somebody simply use the mailto: command with one square bracket either side of the command and email address. After the address (and before the bracket) hit space and then type the phrase.


[ Email Wiki Staff]

Basic Layout Elements


To build an image into an article there is a button in the toolbar. There are a number of options that can be attributed to image files within a wiki.


Using type:thumb puts a frame around an image and allows it to have a caption. This is the preferred method of imagery within wikis.


[[Image:introimage.jpg|800px|thumb|center|This diagram shows how ShopWindow is developed and delivered]]

  • Thumb - This creates a thumbnail
  • Width - Set the widget of the thumbnail
  • Position - left/center/right to position the image in the article
  • Caption - add a caption specific to that image




Available flags:

SE File:SE-flag.png
PL File:PL-flag.png
NO File:NO-flag.png
NL File:NL-flag.png
IT File:IT-flag.png
IE File:IE-flag.png
FI File:FI-flag.png
ES File:ES-flag.png
DK File:DK-flag.png
CH File:CH-flag.png
CA File:CA-flag.png
BR File:BR-flag.png
BE File:BE-flag.png
AU File:AU-flag.png
AT File:AT-flag.png
DE File:DE-flag.png
FR File:FR-flag.png

Simple Table

To create a simple table in the wiki you need to specify rows and columns and content. The pipe denotes a new column and the pipe followed by a hyphen initiates a new row. The example will create a table with no styling, two columns across with three rows (including title row).



| column1

| column2


| first cell row 1

| second cell row 1


| first cell row 2

| second cell row 2


Complex Table

To create a complex table there is a plethora of styling that can be added to further enhance the table’s appearance.


{| style="background:#CEF2E0;" cellpadding="5"; border="1"

|align="center"|'''Category ID'''

|align="center"|'''Category Name'''

|align="center"|'''Category Description'''

|align="center"|'''Category Parent ID'''


|- style="background:#F5FFFA;"






|- style="background:#F5FFFA;"


|align="center"|Audio Equipment

|align="center"|Audio Equipment



|- style="background:#F5FFFA;"


|align="center"|Home Entertainment

|align="center"|Home Entertainment




Coding Boxes

To create coding boxes then please use the wiki code that can be found in the example. The language is PHP in the below example but this can vary to show other languages.


<div style="padding: 4px .2em; word-spacing: 4px; border: 1px dashed #2F6FAB; background:#F9F9F9">

<source lang="php">

//PHP goes here



Code Sections

You can grey out specific code sections, these can be done with the following:

<code>greyed out code section here</code>

This will look like:

!!!id!!! is the value to replace a publisher ID


Remove the Table of Contents

If you need to remove the table of contents from an article then you can use the example wiki code and put this anywhere within the article. This command will remove the contents. There are two underscores flanking the NOTOC command.



Redirect an old page to a new version

If you've created a new version of an existing page, you can use a redirect function so that bookmarks for the previous version will take you to the new one. This is entered on the original page, with the new destination page in the brackets.


#REDIRECT [[Advertiser Tracking Guide]]

Permitted HTML

The following HTML elements are currently permitted:

  • <b>
  • <big>
  • <blockquote>
  • <br>
  • <caption>
  • <center>
  • <cite>
  • <code>
  • <dd>
  • <del>
  • <div>
  • <dl>
  • <dt>
  • <em>
  • <font>
  • <h1>
  • <h2>
  • <h3>
  • <h4>
  • <h5>
  • <h6>
  • <hr>
  • <i>
  • <ins>
  • <li>
  • <ol>
  • <p>
  • <pre>
  • <rb&gt
  • <rp>
  • <rt>
  • <ruby>
  • <s>
  • <small>
  • <span>
  • <strike>
  • <strong>
  • <sub>
  • <sup>
  • <table>
  • <td>
  • <th>
  • <tr>
  • <tt>
  • <u>
  • <ul>
  • <var>
  • <!-- ... -->
  • <font color="red">

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