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wecantrack: affiliate conversion consolidation, attribution and integration


The wecantrack platform provides affiliate publishers with automatic conversion consolidation, attribution and integration of all their affiliate conversion data (from over 300 different network sources). It reports session, click and conversion data from all connected websites and affiliate networks in a single dashboard and can seamlessly integrate standardised data into analytics platforms and ad networks.

By using wecantrack, it’s possible to track the performance of all traffic channels, landing pages, campaigns and dive deep into conversion performance. The consolidated and attributed data enables publishers to optimize their content and campaigns to maximise their performance and ROI.

How wecantrack works

Once a website is connected to the wecantrack system, unique click IDs will be inserted via the JS tag within the subid (clickref) parameters of onsite affiliate URLs and from this enable the tracking of website sessions and outgoing clicks. Through API and postback connections, wecantrack will collect affiliate network conversion data and then attribute that data to session and click data. This enables granular reports to be provided that will allow publishers to better analyse the performance of content and campaigns. Furthermore, by activating wecantrack’s integration features Publishers will also be able to send relevant conversion data to Google Analytics account(s) and ad network account(s), unlocking the opportunity to make use of ad networks’ optimization capabilities, audience targeting and machine learning.

Available Features

Using wecantrack will unlock access to the following features:

Affiliate Dashboard and Conversion Attribution

wecantrack’s system allows for seamless attribution of affiliate conversion data to traffic data, which is then presented in a comprehensive affiliate dashboard. By doing so, it provides valuable insights into the performance of your traffic sources, campaigns, websites, and landing pages. This information can be used to optimize and scale up campaigns, thanks to the combination of session, click, and conversion data, which delivers complete transparency.

Google Analytics Integration

When you integrate affiliate conversions in Google Analytics, you gain valuable insights into the monetary performance of your landing pages, channels, source/medium, campaigns, devices, demographics, and locations. These insights can help you identify what is working well and where you need to improve.

Google Ads Integration

Automatically integrate all your affiliate sales and lead data as conversions in Google Ads and start automating and scaling your campaigns. With your sales data in Google Ads (conv. value column) you can optimize your campaigns based on ROAS.

Other Ad network integrations

Other available advertising networks are: Microsoft Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads, Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, PropellerAds, PopAds and MGID.

BigQuery Integration

By using our BigQuery integration you will be able to access the data directly from the dataset. It can help you to easily integrate the data in your own data warehouse or to access it directly from your own applications. Moreover, multiple tools have a BigQuery connector meaning your data will also be available there.

Looker Studio Integration

Set up custom dashboards and reports with all your traffic and affiliate conversion data in one dataset within Looker Studio. We offer custom reporting and we can share a data studio template file with you within 5 working days.

Zapier Integration

Track your conversion data in Zapier via wecantrack’s Webhooks in order to integrate it in hundreds of other applications, such as Slack, Google Sheets, Gmail and many more.

API & Webhook

Use our API and webhook endpoints to automatically fetch your conversion data out of wecantrack to implement it into your own data warehouse and applications. Don’t bother connecting dozens of different API and postback endpoints yourself, leverage our endpoint to access data from all networks at once.

Publisher Pricing as per February 1st 2023

Publishers can enjoy a 15-day trial period with access to most features and no credit card required. The pricing model is designed to be flexible, based on performance metrics and scalable as users grow. Below are the current pricing plans:

  • Small affiliate plan €59 p/m: Includes 20 network accounts, 500 transactions, 25,000 clicks and 100,000 sessions per month.
  • Medium affiliate plan €129€ p/m: Includes unlimited network accounts, up to 5,000 transactions, 125,000 clicks and 500,000 sessions per month.
  • Advanced affiliate plan €279 p/m: Includes unlimited network accounts, 50,000 Transactions, 750,000 Clicks and 3,000,000 Sessions per month
  • Enterprise affiliate plan: Please contact the wecantrack team in order for them to provide you with a custom plan if you exceed the above performance metrics.

For the most up to date pricing and detailed information please refer to here: wecantrack pricing

How to start using wecantrack

wecantrack offers two easy and quick installation options:

1. Connect with wecantrack via the AWIN Master Tag

  • Within the Publisher MasterTag page (located within the ‘Toolbox’) section of a Publisher’s AWIN account a user can activate the wecantrack plugin by toggling on the slider as highlighted below.
wecantrack plugin by toggler
  • The plugin activation will automatically create a wecantrack account and connect the Publisher’s AWIN account to their system. This is achieved by adding wecantrack’s technical user account to the Publisher account with read access (N.B. wecantrack have no way of changing any payment, user, or security settings).
  • Please note this user account can be removed at anytime by the owner or admin of a Publisher Account. Disabling the plugin on this page will also remove the wecantrack user account.
  • After activating the plugin, wecantrack will send an email with further instructions to the Publisher Account’s main email address to set up the new wecantrack password, add the relevant website details and activate the integration features that are to be utilised. It is also possible to activate/deactivate the auto-link-tagging feature and the wecantrack JS tag injection via the configuration settings (available by clicking the cog symbol to the left of the activation slider).

NOTE: If you already have an existing direct WeCanTrack integration (see "2. Connect with wecantrack through their standard setup"), we do not recommend an additional activation via the Publisher Mastertag, as this could lead to double counting. In this case, please contact your WeCanTrack support.

2. Connect with wecantrack through their standard setup

The foundation is set up in three simple steps:

1. Create an account: https://wecantrack.com/installation/account/

2. Connect network accounts: https://wecantrack.com/installation/data-sources/

3. Connect website(s): https://wecantrack.com/installation/websites/

4. Activate integration features: https://wecantrack.com/installation/

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