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The Skimlinks sub-network tool is designed to give visibility over the individual sales of specific Skimlinks publishers as well as giving Skimlinks managed advertisers the option to set bespoke commission rates with these specific Skimlinks publishers.

Identifying sales from a Skimlinks publisher

Advertisers on the Awin network are now able to identify transactions from Skimlinks publishers. Historically it has been difficult to give full visibility over subnetwork activity, however Awin and Skimlinks have worked together to expose this data.

Skimlinks now pass the URL of their publisher in click ref 1. This appears in the download of the Transactions Report availale from theUI. The publisher ID will remain as Skimlinks and commission will be paid to Skimlinks who will then pay it to their publishers:

Set bespoke commission rates with a Skimlinks publisher

Awin advertisers that are also have a Managed Account with Skimlinks are able to set bespoke commission rates with any Skimlinks sub-publisher. This can be done by emailing their Skimlinks account contact with the specific rate change details.

These changes are made by Skimlinks, with that in mind please try and give as much notice as possible about any rate changes.

Please note – this service is only available for advertisers who have a Skimlinks Managed Account.

How can I become a Preferred Partner

Preferred Partner Managed Account - these accounts are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Skimlinks Account Management team. To be eligable to be invited to become a Managed Account, Advertisers must be generating £1,000 ($1,500) of commission from Editorial Content for three consecutive months.

Paid Preferred Partner - this program is open to all advertisers who are not a Managed Account. To join, advertisers need to pay £99/$140/€110 per month for three months. This program increases their exposure to Publishers working with Skimlinks. You can find out more about the Paid Preferred Partner program and the sign up form here -


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