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Publisher Recommendations

A healthy mix of publishers is really important for any affiliate programme and discovering a new partner who is a great fit for your brand is always satisfying.

But finding the right balance is easier said than done and discovering the right publishers for you on our platform can make recruitment a difficult and time-consuming task.

Our publisher recommendations can help you find potential new and exciting publishers to partner with.

How does it work

We've created an algorithm based on what we think are the most appropriate publishers for you. The report automatically generates up to 25 recommended partners per day which can be found in the ‘Recommendations’ tab of the Publisher Directory.

The 25 publishers are your top recommendations and, just like the other directory pages, you can click through to the publisher profiles or invite them to join your programme.

This list is updated daily, and over time will improve as you feedback to use the suitability of the recommendations we provide through our recommendation ratings.

Rating Recommendations

To keep optimising the recommendations you receive we encourage you to rate each publisher recommendation. Rating and interacting with your recommendations provides feedback to our machine learning algorithm which then improves the quality of future recommendations. Rating is also the way you can unlock new recommendations. So, the more you interact, the more recommendations you will see and the better they become.


Q: How often are recommendations refreshed?

A: Recommendations are refreshed every 24hrs at 1:00am UTC.

Q: Why does the same publisher keep being recommended to me?

A: If we see you don't have a membership with a publisher that we recommend highly we will continue to recommend them to you. Over time we adjust who we recommend to you based on the ratings you provide.

Q: What am I rating?

A: You're rating the quality of the recommendation rather than the publisher themselves. Rating a recommendation lower will mean over time you will be less likely to receive recommendations for similar publishers.

Q: Can publishers see the rating I give them?

A: No, as you are rating the quality of the recommendation, rather than the publisher themselves we do not display rating information to publishers.


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