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When you click the settings icon located with the account switcher you will be faced with the Settings Menu. Alternatively, if you hover over the icon a drop down will appear that lists the settings links. Here you will find the behind the scenes control that boasts the functionality of the Profile Page.

The settings are broken down into four areas, Personal, Publisher Account, Promotional and Permission/Privacy.


Personal Settings

Within this area you will find there are three forms. User Details, User Password and Manage Account

User Details

This allows you to edit the details that you entered when you created your user account for Interface. This includes First Name, Last Name, Instant Messenger Account, Email Address and so on.

User Password

This allows you to edit the password that you use to log in to the interface.

Manage Accounts

This offers you the ability to add your Affiliate or Advertiser accounts to your user profile. Simply differentiate between the account type using the drop-down and then enter the correct details to attach an existing account.

Publisher Account

Account Contact

The Account Contact form includes your landline and mobile number and a contact email address. These details are intended to be for the primary contact attributed to that Publisher account (whether that be the Owner of the account or a representative). The phone number fields are limited to 20 characters and can only accept numbers. You can also add in some useful links associated with the Publisher business such as Twitter or Corporate URL.

Address Details

The Address Details can be edited within the interface. Please note that any changes made to this field are recorded and monitored for security reasons.

Account Logo

The Account Logo is a small 88x31 logo to capture your Publisher business. This logo is used on the User Dashboard but also within the directory when Advertisers are searching for Publishers. The logo is also restricted to GIF, JPG or PNG image formats.

Site Information

The Site Information area deals with details about your main site. This could be a website about your Publisher business or details about your main Publisher website. All that is needed here is the URL, the site name and the Dead Advertiser URL. If you wish to redirect traffic that you are sending to Advertisers that have closed on the network then enter a URL of page that you would like to send traffic to in the Dead Advertiser URL field.


The settings found here will help you to build a portfolio of your Publisher sites/campaigns under the Affiliate Profile Promotional Tab.

Promotional Type

This information is used to categorise your Publisher business. It will allow Advertisers to find Publisher who can promote them in a certain way, and allow us to provide detailed reporting to Advertisers.

For a list of the Promotion Methods please see the Promotion Method List.


Account Permission

This form allows you to control the access permissions that users of a specific account have. You will need to be the Owner or Admin on the account in order to utilise these options.

Clicking Account Permissions grants access to make changes. Simply tick the correct permission setting next to the correct User and update to complete the change.

See the Account Permissions page to find out information about each permission level.

Account Users

All Users who have access to this particular Publisher account are displayed on the Overview tab on your Profile Page under Account Contacts. You can select whether or not to show each Users details by selecting hide or show for each User.

Account Contact Details

Account Contact Details are displayed on your Profile Page in the panel on the left. You can select whether or not to display these details by selecting hide or show for each option.

Invite User

You can invite new Users to have access to an account. This is useful if you have a colleague who is working with you on the account.

All that you need to do is enter their email address and the permission level that you wish them to have and hit Invite. This will send that User an email telling them how to proceed.


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