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The Creative Performance for Publishers provides:

  • Details of the impressions, clicks and transactions generated from the creatives (banners, email templates, etc) that you are promoting.
  • The report is grouped by advertiser, creative and creative tag.

Unlike the older Link Performance report, this report:

  • Shows the name of the creative without needing to hover over the creative group/tag name.
  • Handles regions individually rather than by currency.
  • Timezone is your publisher account's timezone rather than GMT. This is now consistent with the rest of the Awin reporting.
  • Is translated into all our supported languages.

How is this report generated?

The creative HTML code you get from 'My Creative' will contain a click URL and also often an image URL. The image and click URLs contain a creative ID and creative tag ID, as well as advertiser and publisher IDs. These should match for both the image and the click in order to show correctly in the report.

The creative HTML code has the following structure.


Creative ID appears in the report, so you can search for the creative in your web pages and quickly find out where the creative is displayed.

What does (Deleted) as the creative name mean?

This means the advertiser has deleted the creative. We'd recommend using newer version of the creative by going to the 'My Creative' page under 'Toolbox'. The creative ID will be helpful in finding where this creative is being used on your website.

What does (Forwarded from zanox) as the creative name mean?

This means that the creative you are using on your web site is from the zanox Marketplace and is now being forwarded to Awin. We'd recommend using up-to-date creatives from the 'My Creative' page under 'Toolbox'.

When we forward your traffic through zanox, it can slow down the load time for users. It also hides the performance of the creatives you are promoting as all zanox ad media forwarded to Awin is grouped together under the name '(Forwarded from zanox)'


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