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January 2015

Top 10 Trends for Affiliate Marketing in 2015

Kevin Edwards - PerformanceIN - 05/01/2015

How Mobile is Set to Take Over the Travel Industry in 2015

Rob Davinson - PerformanceIN - 20/01/2015

February 2015

The rise of the MAMILs, Poshtels and Other Travel Trends in 2015

Rob Davinson - PerformanceIN - 02/02/2015

March 2015

The power of Influence and the multichannel customer

Matt Swan - Econsultancy - 13/03/15

One Third of Affiliates Could Fall Foul of Google’s New Mobile Friendliness Test

Kevin Edwards - PerformanceIN - 16/03/15

April 2015

Cross device tracking: is it time for cookie periods to be extended?

Matt Swan - Econsultancy - 14/04/15

Advice Points for Maintaining Communication with Advertisers

Victoria Limpenny - PerfomanceIN - 24/04/15

May 2015

Understanding the Role of Influence in Cross-Device Transactions

Matt Swan- PerformanceIN- 05/05/15

June 2015

Five Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

Angelo Lattuca - PerformanceIN - 04/06/15

July 2015

Affiliate Mobile Shift demands Fresh Thinking

Kevin Edwards - IAB - 06/07/15

Strong First Half 2015 for Mobile Commerce

Matt Swan - PerformanceIN - 07/07/15

A Matter of Definition: Is a Tablet Truly a 'Mobile Device'?

Joelle Hillman - PerformanceIN - 09/07/15

Understanding smartphones as an influencing device

Matt Swan - Econsultancy - 23/07/15

Why retailers should embrace Affiliate Marketing

Susie Whitby - Drapers - 27/7/15

August 2015

How to Identify Affiliate Partners Who Will Deliver Conversions

Adrian Kastelic - 25/8/15

September 2015

Introducing: The Companies and Technologies Disrupting the Fashion Industry

Susie Whitby - 18/9/15


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