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My Offers - Publisher Guide

The My Offers page allows you to search for vouchers or promotions. To access the page go to Toolbox > My Offers.


1. Finding an Offer

You can download the offers selection immediately by pressing the Manual Download link. You do not have to be signed in to the interface to access this link:


It is important to note that the download file here is in a different format from the links we used to supply on our old page. However, to support any of our publishers that may have set up automated processes with these links we have kept the old links active. The old links will continue to supply the old version of the file, we will maintain this until we see their usage stop.

To search for offers make selections from the dropdowns:

Clicking Filter will apply your search criteria to the offers table:

You can manually export your search by clicking the Export as CSV button. Alternatively, you can use the new link that would have appeared With Filters. This is another link that can be accessed when not logged in to the interface and will give you a CSV of the offers based on the filtering you have supplied:

File: PubPromo_5.png

To view the Terms of an offer you can click the terms link which will display them in a popup. Of course, these are displayed in full in the CSV downloads:


Clicking on the icon in the Deeplink column will open up a window showing the tracking link which you can copy if you need to use it right away. You can also edit the text in this box should you wish to add a click append:



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