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My Offers

The ‘My Offers’ tool allows you to create offers for your publishers. Vouchers or promotions can be publicly available to all of your publishers or they can be made exclusive to one or many publishers.

1. Creating an Offer

My Offers can be found under the Toolbox header:

From here you can start creating offers straight away by clicking on the ‘Create New Offer’ button. Clicking this opens up an option to create either a Promotion or a Voucher:

A voucher has a code associated with it, whereas a promotion does not. For the purpose of this wiki we will be going through the voucher creation process. The only difference is the ability to add a Voucher Code to the offer. Clicking on either of these options opens up the form:

To create the offer start filling out the fields with the relevant information. When you are happy click next to go the next section of the form. You will notice a preview of where you are in the form on the right hand side. This can be clicked to navigate back to a previously edited part of the form:

Continue to progress through the form filling out all the fields. When providing the deeplink URL please use the format

When you are happy with your offer press Finish and you will see the newly created offer in the table.

2. Editing a rule

To edit an existing rule, click the pencil on the right hand side of the table. This will open up the edit field below the rule you want to edit:

You can click through the various sections of the offer and edit as you see fit. When happy with you edit press finish:

Alternatively you can exit the edit by clicking the red cross in the top right corner of the edit form.

3. Archiving an Offer

Clicking the red cross next to an offer on the right hand side of the offers table will archive the rule. This is a great way to clean up expired offers or remove offers you no longer want to run. When you click on the archive button you will be asked for confirmation that you wish to archive the rule:


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