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Programme Commission Rates for Publishers

What is it?

Programme Commission Rates is a feature that publishers can use to see their commission rates from multiple advertiser programmes in one simple view.

Accessing Programme Commission Rates

In the navigation bar, to go Advertisers > Programme Commission Rates. Here, you can select which advertiser programmes you want to view the commission rates for.

Alternatively, go to Advertisers > My Programmes and click the Commission Rates icon to go to the Programme Commission Rates page where that particular advertiser will be preselected.

Using Programme Commission Rates

Select some advertisers to see a timeline of the commission rates they’ve set for you. The different coloured bars represent different commission rates, when they start and when they finish.

Hover over the coloured bars to see:

  • Commission Rates range
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time

Click on the coloured bars to see:

  • The commission groups
  • The commission rates per commission group

You can view your commission rates for a day, a week or a month by using the respective icons in the top right corner.

The buttons beneath the timelines can be used to navigate to past and future commission rates.

Please note: Don’t worry if you see a blank timeline for an advertiser - their commission rates will be available in the timeline view after they’ve moved to the new Commission Manager. In the meantime, please go to the Commission Groups tab of their profile to see their commission rates.


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