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File Types


The Awin system allows for two format types; CSV and XML.

Delimited text (CSV/TSV)

With the formatting of this file you can choose to add a header row which will identify the columns, i.e.product_id, product_name. On the second and corresponding rows you would add the data pertaining to the initial header row.

Note: We are unable to accept a feed in the Excel file format (.xls).

Delimiters we accept Value
comma ,
semi-colon ;
pipe |
tab (use TSV file type)

Compression and Character Sets

We accept UTF-8 and optionally files compressed in ZIP or GZIP formats.

Important Considerations

  • If the descriptions that you use or any other field contains the delimiter character (e.g. the comma) then that field must be enclosed by "double quotes". Similarly, if a field contains quotes, those quotes can be escaped by using double quotes "".
  • Please ensure the encoding of the file is UTF-8 otherwise the feed may not import correctly, especially if you wish to offer foreign language feeds.

XML (Extensive Mark-up Language)

You can either provide XML in our Awin Advertiser XML DTD 1.4 File Format.

Alternatively, if you have XML in another format (like Google Shopping), we can usually import these feeds. Please contact your account manager for more information.


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