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[-] Building an Awin Product Feed

[-] Product Feed Errors

Error #4 - Incorrect File Location / File Type (Field delimiter)

What is the error?

File:MissingFileLoc.png File:MissingFileLocFeedHealth.png

Why do I have this error?

There could be a number of issues, some of these are listed below:

  • You have provided an incomplete feed location.
  • Incorrect 'Field delimiter' or 'File Type' - Comma delimited but have inputted pipe | as a delimiter.


  • There's no data in the feed or datafeed file was moved to a different location / removed from location.

How can I resolve this error?

  • Always ensure that there is data within the product feed file you've uploaded or within the URL specified.


  • The correct field delimiter and/or file type is selected e.g. Tab delimited feed should have selected 'File Type: TSV)
  • Check whether the feed has data/product information and still available in the same location.


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