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Lead Generation Best Practice: Do's and Don'ts....

Online lead generation is not as straightforward as it may first appear, be sure to do the necessary preparation in advance of any activity and seek advice from the Lead Generation team at Awin.


  • Consider your campaign objectives to decide upon the dataset that fulfils your needs
  • Ensure that you have the necessary resource to facilitate managing your new leads
  • Be open to testing different publisher types to see what they can achieve for you
  • Utilise a scale of CPL commission based on the value each publisher provides your business
  • Have an open channel of communication between your company, Awin and the processing teams (outbound call centre, postal distribution service etc)
  • Evaluate lead performance over a period of time/based on your ROI objectives, leads need to be nurtured and publishers judged over a length of time (not the day after an email is broadcast!)


  • Launch a campaign without a clear communication process ready for your new leads!
  • Allow leads to remain un-contacted, respond immediately or at a time specified by the customer if applicable
  • Leave leads not knowing what is happening to their enquiry, be clear on next steps ("you will receive a call in the next 24 hours" etc...)
  • Immediately write-off a particular lead source without testing. Tweaking commission rates based on quality can allow you to maintain your target margin even if the conversion rates are lower on average from one publisher

IAB online lead generation Council - Best Practice Guidelines

The following represent "best practice" for all online lead generation campaigns, and were created by the IAB in 2011.

1. A lead is a person who has actively requested to be contacted by an Advertiser to promote products or services without an associated sale. The consumer should give their express consent to be contacted e.g. by clicking an individual opt-in checkbox as a minimum, and should not be misled to opt-in in order to complete a registration to an unrelated subject, service or offer.

2. The Advertiser should ensure the user is informed about what they are signing up for, and how they will be contacted e.g. via email, phone call(s) or postal means.

3. A lead should not be asked to give away personal data which is not relevant for the Advertiser's product or service.

4. A lead should be free to unsubscribe from the Advertisers further marketing communications anytime he or she desires whereas an Advertiser must agree to deactivate or delete the user data in accordance with legislation.

5. The use of incentives in order to encourage the generation of leads should always be agreed upon with the Advertiser and the implications of their use made clear.

6. Data capture forms and creative should be approved by the Advertiser before going live.

IAB - The Little Book of Online Lead Generation

This features articles Lead Generation, and gives you a flavour of how in depth and advanced these campaigns are.

File:IAB - The Little Book of Online Lead Generation 2015.pdf


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