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Creating a Publisher Profile

The Overview Tab

Adding a full business description

  • Click on Profile
  • Make sure the Overview tab is selected
  • Mouseover the text underneath Description and click here
  • Enter a fully detailed description of your Publisher business
  • Click on the tick icon to save

Uploading a Profile Picture

  • Click on Profile
  • Click in the grey image box over your company name
  • Select a picture to upload by following the on screen instructions (Note: A profile picture can be a picture of you, a screenshot of your website or a logo if you prefer). Then click Save

Adding Links

  • Click on the Pencil icon in the links box to start editing
  • Enter a website, blog URL and Twitter username to add these links to the the Links box
  • Click Update Contact Details to save

Adding contact details

  • Click on the Pencil icon in the Contact box to start editing
  • Here you can add or change your email address, mobile phone number and instant messenger contact details as you require
  • Click Update Contact Details to save

The Documents Tab

Uploading a document to your profile

  • In your profile - go into the Documents tab
  • Click Browse and choose the file you wish to upload - making sure the format matches one of those accepted
  • Add a name to the file in the Name field
  • Provide a description so that Advertisers wishing to look at the file will understand what they are looking at
  • Click the checkbox to agree to the Privacy Policy and User Agreement
  • Click the Upload button
  • Once a document has uploaded it will appear in a list on the Documents Tab and can be viewed at any time. Other Publishers cannot view these documents.

The Promotional Spaces Tab

Adding Promotional Types

  • To add a Promotional Type to your profile, start by clicking on the pencil symbol on the line beneath the tab
  • On the page that follows, select any promotional types that are applicable to you, making sure to specify a Primary Promotional Type

Adding a URL to your profile

  • Once you have selected your promotional types, save your changes and return to the Promotional tab in your Profile
  • Enter your website URL
  • Enter a description of your website
  • Select which sectors you will be promoting on the website
  • Select any key Advertisers you may be promoting
  • Click Add to save your changes

Performance Tab

  • This section of our interface is still under construction


  • This tab is so that you can add your own RSS feed to your profile
  • Enter the URL of the feed and then click Add Feed to save your changes

Additional Functions

Updating Address Details

  • To update your address in your account - click on Settings
  • Click on Account Contact
  • Update your details as required
  • Click Updated Details to save your changes

Upload your Company logo to your account

  • Click/hover on the Image:Darwin_Cog_Icon.jpg to bring up the settings menu.
  • Click on Logo
  • Click Browse and select the correct image file
  • Click Upload File to save this to your profile
  • Note: The account logo will need to be an 88x31 GIF, JPG or PNG

Updating Payment Details

  • To update your bank account / cheque payment and VAT registry details in your account - click on Settings
  • Click on Payment
  • If you are VAT registered select Yes from the dropdown box - otherwise choose No
  • You will need to provide your VAT registration number and registration date
  • We are unable to pay VAT to businesses not registered in the United Kingdom
  • Select whether you wish to be paid by BACS, cheque or International Wire Transfer and update your details as required
  • Click Update to save your changes
  • All updates take 24 hours to be validated

Changing your password

  • Click on the Image:Darwin_Cog_Icon.jpg
  • Click on Update Password under the Personal Settings subheading.
  • Enter your old password and then your new password in the two empty fields
  • Click Update Password

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