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Bonus Manager

The Bonus Manager can be used to reward your publishers based upon their performance during the current month. Please note that the rewards will be automatically given to publishers based on the rules you create and will depend on the publisher performance in the current calendar month. You can create, edit and delete existing rules.

How do I create a new rule?

1. Login to the interface and go to an advertiser account

2. On the navigation menu, go to “Commission” and click on “Bonus Manager”.

3. When in the Bonus Manager, click on the “Add New Rule” button on the right side.

4. A new row is displayed and you can now create a new rule.

5. Select the criteria for each bonus, whether it is: Number of Approved Sales Value of Approved Sales Amount of Approved Commission

6. Introduce the target you want to be the minimum amount/value your publishers need to reach in order to get the Bonus.

7. Introduce the amount of Bonus you want to reward your publishers when they reach the Target.

8. You can set the Bonus to be recurring.

9. Click “Save” if you want this rule to be stored. It will be automatically active once stored and your publishers will get their reward.

What is a recurring bonus?

If you set your Bonus as recurring, it means that a publisher will be rewarded every time they meet the specific criteria, which can happen multiple times within the recurring month. For example, if your performance criteria are set to achieve 10 sales for a bonus of GBP 20.00, then for every 10 sales a publisher generates, they will be rewarded with GBP 20.00 within one month of validation.


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