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Branch App Tracking for Awin Access

Key Features and Limitations

  • Postback templates are global by default but can be customised within the integration dashboard
  • Attribution is based on last click and attribution windows can be amended per Ad Partner
  • Commission Groups can be setup dynamically or with a breakdown
  • Order reference and sale amount are available in the SDK by default
  • Deeplinking to specific pages is supported via canonical URL parameter
  • App to app deeplinking on iOS requires an additional parameter uri_redirect_mode that forces the opening of the app
  • Awin Merchant ID can be passed back in branch tracking URL via awin_merchant_id parameter. It has priority over the Merchant ID configured in the dashboard)

Integration Steps

1. Advertiser to integrate SDK

2. Dynamic commission group or commission breakdown can be integrated within the SDK

let event = BranchEvent.standardEvent(.purchase) = "NEW:34.00“

Note: Parts parameter within the postback should be changed accordingly to &parts=${ (!}

3. Advertiser to enable Ad Partner settings for the network on the integration dashboard

4. Populate Account ID with the Awin Merchant ID in Account Settings

5. Set metrics in Attribution Window

  • Click to install (default is 7 days)
  • Click to conversion event (should match the cookie length of the program on Awin)

6. Enable postbacks for Install and Purchase events

Note: DO NOT enable it for All Events as it will send the postbacks to all networks not just Awin)

7. Customise the purchase event in Postback Config

8. Create tracking link

Install Postback${(ad_network.credentials.awin_advertiser_id)!}

Purchase Postback${(ad_network.credentials.awin_advertiser_id)!}
&cks=${ (last_attributed_touch_data.~click_id)!}&cr=${(event_data.currency)! }&p1=${(user_data.os)!}


  • When app is NOT installed user will be directed to App Store
  • When app IS Installed and supports Deeplinking user will be directed to App
  • For IOS devices Branch can force open the app by adding $uri_redirect_mode=1 to open pop up window asking the user if they wish to open the app

$uri_redirect_mode=0 Conservative default mode.

  • Default where Branch doesn't try to open the app if the user could see an error.

$uri_redirect_mode=1 Intelligent redirect mode.

  • Branch knows the user has the app installed through Branch personal data therefore force URI schemes to open the app.

$uri_redirect_mode=2 Forceful redirect mode.

  • Always try to force open the app, even if it risks showing an error message when the app is not installed.


Based on last click and can amend the attribution window per Ad partner.

  • Click to Install (Default period is 7 days)
  • Click to Purchase (Time period should match Awin cookie length – generally 30 days)
  • DO NOT ENABLE ALL events tick box in the postback configuration dashboard. This will ensure postbacks are only received when the event was attributed to Awin.

Generating a Branch Tracking Link

Creating an Ad Link

Select Ad Format

From within the Branch dashboard, click the Create button on the upper right-hand corner.

A Create Ad Link modal will appear. Select one of the following ad formats:

App Only

  • App Install or Engagement

Cross-Platform Display

  • Create Display Link
  • Create Search Link

Difference Between Format Types
For App Install or App Engagement campaigns you'll want to select the "App Only" format. For Search or Display campaigns where the user should go to web if they don't have the app, then you should select Cross-Platform Search or Cross-Platform Display. Product Links are for shopping or dynamic re-marketing campaigns.

Defining Ad Link Domain & Ad Partner!!!awc!!!&$uri_redirect_mode=1&~campaign=!!!companyname!!!&$fallback_url=!!!redirectURL!!!

Tracking link URL can be enabled as a Mobile Prefix for Mobile and non-Mobile traffic

Parameter required within the Branch Tracking Link

Parameter Requirements
%243p=a_awin Mandatory - Network identifier to attribute the event to Awin
~click_id=!!!awc!!! Mandatory - Awin click ID to be populated with awc
$uri_redirect_mode=1 Mandatory - It will force the opening of the app on iOS
~campaign=!!!companyname!!! Mandatory - For reporting to pass the publisher name
$fallback_url=!!!redirectURL!!! Mandatory - Fallback to a specific URL when the app is not installed and redirect users to a different destination from the app store
$canonical_url=!!!merchantURLcm!!! Allow to deeplink to a specific page within the app. URL must be encoded
$deeplink_path Set the deep link path for all platforms - so you don't have to enable it by platform. When the Branch SDK receives a link with this parameter set, it will automatically load the custom URI path contained within

Testing app tracking

Once you have successfully integrated your app contact with your account name and Advertiser ID to confirm you’ve completed the tracking setup for Mobile Application. A member of the team will be able to provide a test transaction link and further instructions on how to test your app tracking.


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