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Awin Access UK Publisher Pool

Welcome to the Awin Publisher Pool information page for Awin Access Advertisers. Here you will find information about Publisher Pools and answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Publisher Pools are Awin's unique way of assisting both Publishers and advertisers to form money making partnerships in a more efficient manner.

What is a Publisher Pool?

A Publisher Pool is essentially a container account filled with pre-selected high quality publishers with popular websites or solutions.

The Awin Access UK Publisher Pool contains nine of the UK’s top performing publishers who have all expressed keen interest in helping micro SME businesses develop their affiliate programmes.

Agreement to have the pool joined to your programme is via a consent form you will have received via email or supplied a link to. Once completed, Awin will then add the pool to your programme where you are then free to either approve the whole pool or select individual publishers from the pool as you wish.

Publisher Pool FAQ

If there is a question you have that is not answered here please contact

What is a Publisher Pool?

Publisher Pools are a special type of Publisher account that contain a pre-determined and approved list of Publishers that fit the criteria of the Pool. E.g. Awin Access UK – Publisher Pool contains a small number of our most successful Publishers in several key business models such as Cashback, Loyalty and Technology. A Publisher Pool account is simply a container account and has absolutely no effect on your relationships and how they are conducted.

How can I work with Publisher Pools?

There are two ways to work with Publisher Pools.

1) Application Approval

2) Automated Partnerships

Application Approval:

The most common way for advertisers to work with Publisher Pools is for them to have the Publisher Pool applied to their programme and then they approve Publishers one by one or the whole Pool. See question 5 for more details on how approvals work.

Automated Partnerships:

By working with Publisher Pools via Automated Partnerships the Publisher Pool in question and all Publishers within the Pool are automatically approved onto an advertisers programme, this facilitates a quicker turnaround time for partnerships to become active.

Notes on Automated Partnerships:

To apply Automated Partnerships to a programme the Advertiser must provide consent first via a dedicated consent form provided by Awin

Advertisers will have access to Publisher Pool catalogues which they can review to ensure they are happy with the Publisher in a Pool

Advertisers rights to remove Pools/ Publishers from their programme still apply

What are the Advertiser rules of engagement for working with Publisher Pools?

Having access to Publisher Pools allows advertisers to ramp up their programmes partnership development with the type of Publishers that they want to work with, Therefore advertiser have the following responsibilities when working with Publisher Pools.

Advertisers who accept Publishers from Publisher Pools are required to commit to developing a revenue generating partnership.

Advertisers are, in accordance with general best practice to provide Publishers who they no longer wish to work with adequate notice on the termination of a partnership and provide reasoning for the termination.

Are there criteria for Publishers to be part of a Publisher Pool?

Yes, criteria can change depending on the pools nature but at a minimum the following applies.

The publisher must have made a minimum of 1,000 £/$/€ in sales for the preceding 3 months prior to being added

The publisher must have a completed profile on Awin with all information entered and up to date

The publisher should have no open compliance issues against them, if a compliance issue is found while they are part of a pool they will be suspended from any further relationships until the issue is cleared

Publishers are required to give their consent to joining a pool

How do I approve a Publisher Pool?

First approve the Publisher Pool by navigating to Publisher approvals within your account.

You then have two options:

Approve all Publishers within the Pool

Approve each Publisher individually

Note: You are able to set commission rates per Publisher once you have approved them.

Once you have clicked approve refresh the page and you will the see the list of individual applications to approve or decline as you see fit

Note: If you have older outstanding Publisher approvals to complete the Publishers from the Pool will be mixed in as there is no flag to highlight which one has come from the Publisher Pool therefore you will need check the Pool catalogue to identify which Publishers you need to approve.

Tip: We strongly recommend that you keep up to date on your Publisher Approvals in general

What happens if I apply the whole Publisher Pool and I already work with one of the Publishers in there?

Nothing you would continue to keep the relationship with the Publisher and nothing would change in your interactions with them.

How do I stop working with Publisher Pools or Publisher I’ve approved from Pools?

Simply remove the Pool or the relevant Publishers from your programme as normal though we strongly recommend that Publishers are given fair warning of at least one month before removal.

If I stop working with a Publisher Pool can I then work with individual Publishers from that Pool in the future?

Yes, if you have approved the entire pool but then realise that you don’t want to work with all of the Publishers in the Pool you can first remove the Pool from your programme and then restart the partnerships with the Publisher directly.

How will activity from Publishers from the Publisher Pool be reported?

Publishers who are approved onto your programme via a Publisher Pool will be in your main reporting for your programme.

What happens if a new Publisher is added to the Pool?

You will be directly notified of any additional Publisher that are added to a Pool. Any new Publisher that is applied to the Publisher Pool will then appear in your Publisher Approvals list which can be found as shown below.

What happens if a Publisher leaves the Publisher Pool?

If the Publisher was joined to you via the Pool exclusively then the relationship between you and the Publisher will be terminated. If you had the relationship directly before the Publisher was applied again via the Pool then the relationship will remain unaffected.

What are Awin’s commitments to Publisher Pools?

As part of the Publisher Pools initiative Awin commits to ensuring that only Publishers who meet the criteria outlined in section 2a. Publisher Pools: Rules of engagement Publishers are part of the Publisher Pool programme.

All Publishers will have also be through Awin’s standard Network Quality checks and any Publishers found in violation of either the requirements of Publisher Pools or Awin Standard terms will be removed.

Why should I work with Publisher Pools?

For new advertisers to Awin Publisher Pools are the perfect way to ramp up your programme and approve the very best Publishers from a wide range of business model ensuring you have all bases covered.

For our existing advertisers Publisher Pools can be used to help build out a Publisher strategy ensuring you’re work with the right partners in a particular area. Publisher Pools flexibility also means Pools can in some cases be created that tailor to specific requirements.


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