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Awin Index

The Awin Index is a score out of 100, calculated from an algorithm of 4 different performance metrics and is used by publishers to compare and identify the best performing advertiser programmes across the Awin network. The algorithm takes into account information from the previous 3 months for each advertiser programme. This is called the C.A.V.E. data.

C.A.V.E Data

  • Conversion rate (The conversion rate is the total number of sales divided by the total number of clicks. The better a website converts traffic into actual transactions results in a higher conversion rate.)
  • Approval percentage (The approval percentage relates to the proportion of pending transactions which are then validated as approved (as opposed to declined))
  • Validation time (The validation period represents the average amount of time an advertiser takes to validate pending transactions as either Approved or Declined.)
  • Earnings per click (The earnings per click is sometimes referred to as the EPC. This is the total commission earned by publishers divided by the total number of clicks.)

This CAVE data is calculated into one score, creating the Awin Index. The score given is based on a standard deviation average and submits any anomalies.

The four statistics that make up the C.A.V.E. data are automatically calculated monthly. The Awin Index is updated monthly from the last three months of C.A.V.E. data. An advertiser can affect elements of this data independently though the day-to-day management of their programme. Changes to any element of the C.A.V.E. data will result in a change to the Awin Index. Guidance will be given to all advertisers to enable them to improve aspects of their programme, increasing their Awin Index and sector ranking, thereby making the programme more attractive to publishers. Publishers will be able to immediately access top ranking programmes by sector and understand better, why the programme ranks well.

The above index summary can be found on your Advertiser Dashboard.

Benefits and Uses

This feature will help compare the performance of different programmes across the Awin network

This will enable you to,

  • Compare performance against the network average
  • Compare performance against the sector average
  • Track changes of a programme‚Äôs Awin Index over time
  • Sort top performing programmes across the network or by sector
  • Identify and monitor where programmes do well and the impact of changes
  • Highlight programmes that have significantly improved
  • Displaying the vital statistics each publisher will use when considering working on your programme

For a more in-depth analysis of your Awin Index you can view your Advertiser Profile Performance Tab.


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