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GET commissiongroups

Publishers can request all commission groups of a programme, together with the commission values they get. Furthermore it is possible to just pull the commission value for a single commission group.

Who can use it

publishers that have an active relationship with a programme

How to call it

https://api.awin.com/publishers/45628/commissiongroups?advertiserId=1001 (for all commission groups of a certain advertiser)

Add the parameter 'accessToken' to provide your access key as described in API authentication and authorization.

How the response looks

For all commission groups of an advertiser

  "advertiser": 1001,
  "publisher": 45628,
  "commissionGroups": [
      "groupId": 147,
      "groupCode": "GP1",
      "groupName": "group 1",
      "type": "percentage",
      "percentage": 2
      "groupId": 19474,
      "groupCode": "JS",
      "groupName": "Julius's's",
      "type": "fix",
      "amount": 100,
      "currency": "GBP"

Which datafields do we provide

field name description
groupId the ID of the commission groups, it is unique even across advertisers
groupCode code of the commission group, not necessarily unique across advertisers
groupName name of the commission group, can provide additional information to the groupCode
type can be either "fix" or "percentage"
amount only available for type "fix"
currency only available for type "fix"
percentage only available for type "percentage"


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