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How To Implement Third Party Tracking

If you'd like to implement a 3rd party tracking technology into your publisher programme, please speak to your designated Technical contact (for new integrations or your Account Manager (for existing integrations) who will raise a support ticket.

Alternatively you can send on a ticket to Awin Publisher Success for Technical Services support.

Your Technical Contact should be able to advise you on the next steps.

The most common third party tracking companies we work are:

  • Double Click
  • TagMan
  • Ominture
  • DC Storm
  • Site Tagger
  • Atlas


  • Depending on the actual 3rd party tracking technology you may need to inform publisher s to update links so providing enough warning is recommended.
  • It's imperative you let Awin know when you'd like to implement these changes as we may require some testing to be preformed.
  • If you are de-duping activity against other marketing activity, it's also recommended that you warn publisher s so they're able to tailor their campaigns. Please see the Best Practise Guide here.

Can I use the a 3rd party software or analytics package to de-dupe?

Some 3rd party tracking softwares have a de-dupe functionality, but some do not. It is technically possible to use a free analytics package and couple this with a de-dupe method. It will need your IT team to create a 1st party cookie on your domain which stores the value of the referring cookie.

The next step is to add “logic” on the confirmation page which will allow you to conditionally show or hide the tracking tag, based on which marketing channel was the last referrer. We suggest contacting your Awin representative for more information on this.


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