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Advertiser Technical Guides

Advertiser Programme Setup Guide

This guide will identify the areas to be covered through the set up of a program from a new advertiser's perspective.

Advertiser Integration Summary

This page displays the standard technical aspects that we require you to consider when launching on our network.

Technical Tracking Guide

This guide shows technical documentation that an advertiser will need in order to implement the Awin tracking. For further information on de-duplication please see subsection entitled 'Channel Parameter'

Click Append Guide

This guide contains possible solutions to remove leakage from your site, for publisher traffic. This will help to ensure that traffic converts online only.

Datafeed Guide

This guide will provide information on how an advertiser can format their feed for publisher s to us. This contains information on data types to include as well as example structures.

My Creative - Advertiser Guide

This guide will provide information on how to add creative for your programme.

Branded Content Widgets

The Branded Content Widgets guide will explain the step by step process of designing and supplying branded content widget designs to be used by your publisher s.

Batch Validation

This guide shows how to automate the validation process for your publisher s. This is done to ensure that validations occur frequently. The jobs run on two frequencies, either daily or weekly.

Offline Tracking

The Offline tracking document provides instructions on how to implement the Offline Tracking method. This is only advised for particular advertisers so please contact Awin account manager.

Advertiser API Guide

This guide is required if you would like to have activity reports automatically created. The reader should be familiar with 'web services' and with the programming language that will be used when integrating the reports into your own system.

3rd Party Ecommerce Packages

A collection of integration guides which we hope will help you to integrate on your ecommerce package.

Have a technical question?

If you have a technical question about Tracking, Datafeeds, Commission groups or anything else, feel free to add in a Support Ticket, speak directly to your Integrator or Account Manager.


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