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A transaction query is a transaction manually added to the system by a publisher. The circumstances for this to occur would be when the publisher considers they may have an untracked sale, an incorrect commission or when they would like to dispute a declined transaction.

Further examples:

  • Untracked transaction

This can happen for a number of reasons; tracking may be down on your confirmation page or a user may block 3rd party cookies.

  • Incorrect transaction

A publisher wishes to dispute the commission amount of a transaction.

  • Declined transaction

A publisher would like a transaction re-validated as they believe it to be a valid transaction.

This guide provides details on how to validate transaction queries.

How it works

Transaction queries added to the system will go into a separate validation page, which will require you to validate the transaction as approved or declined.

How to access Transaction Queries

As a merchant, you have 2 ways to view your transaction queries

Acces via Dashboard page

In the ‘To do’ list on the right side of the screen, if you have any outstanding transaction queries then you will see an item
e.g. below “You have 1 transaction queries waiting to be processed”.
Clicking this link will take you to a validation screen, similar to the validate pending sales area but with some notable differences.

Acces via Navigation bar

on the grey menu navigation bar near the top of the page, you can reach the transaction queries validation screen via ‘Commission’ -> ‘Validate’ -> ‘Validate Transaction Queries’


  • Transaction Queries Validation Page

On the transaction queries validation page, you can search transactions queries by publisher ID or order reference.

On this pending/validation screen, you can edit the transaction query : change the order reference or modify the commission amount.

  • Decline Reason

If you want to decline a transaction query, please use the most appropriate decline reason from the drop down menu.

  • AWIN Index

Declined transactions queries will not affect your AWIN Index

  • Autovalidation of transaction queries

The large majority of Awin's advertiser base have 75 days to review/amend a transaction query. After this period, the pending transaction query will be automatically approved.

Batch Process Transaction Queries

You can process multiple transaction queries at once by uploading a file in CSV format. Transactions should be contained in a text file with each transaction on a new line.

Data File Specification

Field Name Type Description Example
ID Integer. Max 10 char. Uniquely identifies the transaction in awin system 09876543
Publisher ID Integer. Max 10 char. Uniquely identifies the publisher in awin system 45628
Publisher Name Text. Max 215 char Name of the publisher (optional) Example Affiliate
Enquiry Type Integer. Max 10 char Type of enquiry (optional) untracked
Sale Amount decimal (7,2) Sale value without currency symbol. You can change this value 10.21
Commission Amount decimal (7,2) Commission value without currency symbol. You can change this value 5.65
Sale Date Date
(yyyy-mm-dd HH:ii:ss)
Datetime of the conversion 2007-02-02 22:30:12
Order Reference Text. Max 50 char Order Reference that will be used in awin report. This could also contain extra information the publisher has chosen to add to identify the sale LX10501,
Description Text. Max 215 char Further information from the publisher to help process the query (optional) Commission received was 4.54GBP when it should have been 5.54GBP
Auto Validation n/a Auto-validation status (optional) n/a
Status text Will set the transaction status: "accepted" or "declined" accepted
Decline reason text Will set the decline reason for the transaction Invalid claim - Transaction has already been tracked
Duplicate yes/no Will set if the query was duplicate or not (optional) Yes
Enquiry ID Integer. Max: 10 char Unique enquiry ID set by the publisher (optional) 2017100401
Upload Date Date
(yyyy-mm-dd HH:ii:ss)
Datetime of the csv upload (optional) 2007-02-02 22:30:12


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