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How to add a manual commission

If you need to add a manual commission to a publishers account for a specific programme, follow the steps below!

Step 1

Click "Add manual commission" in the advertiser interface

Step 2

Click the drop-down for "Commission type" and select bonus

Step 3

Fill out the details!

If this is a prize for a promotion then leave the sale value as "0.00".

Take care with entering the commission (bonus) value as once you have submitted you can't reverse it if it's wrong!

For a prize, the order reference can be left blank. The info for publishers should be filled out as when ticking the "send publisher email with commission details" this information will be sent directly to the publisher.

Scheduling Tenancies and Bonuses

It's now possible to schedule tenancies and bonuses. Once you've chosen to add a bonus or tenancy a 'date processed' field will become available. If you select 'scheduled' you'll be able to select a date when you want the transaction to be processed. Any scheduled transactions can be cancelled once they've been created.

If you select 'send details to publisher' an email will be sent to the publisher once the transaction has been scheduled and again when the transaction is processed. If you decide to cancel the transaction, an email will be sent to the publisher.


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