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dailygo - The Visual Discovery Platform

dailygo - The Visual Discovery Platform

What is dailygo?

We give advertisers and publishers the possibility to fit branded messages seamlessly within an editorial environment. Our outstanding AI driven recommendation technology combines trending content and advertising in line with the individual interests of every single user. Get to know us

What can the dailygo product do?

The dailygo Fashion Shopping Recommendation turns your digital assets into shoppable content. The technology automatically recognizes objects and products on editorial images and indicates them with an object marker. Through interaction with the markers, the application presents matching products from every AWIN advertiser available. Check it out on the dailygo website.

How does it look?

Desktop: On the left, you can see the editorial image with the fashion objects shown through small white object markers. The image on the right shows the DailyGo Shopping World with a filter for price, brands, shops and a search function. Next to it are the matching shoppable products directly linking to the AWIN retailer. The technology works for desktop and mobile with a similar appearance. Check out the demo video.

How does it work?

The technology proposes a set of matching shopping recommendations for each tagged article, so every article has its own shopping world. At the moment our Shopping Recommendation refers to fashion and accessory retailer and will be expanded soon to other product portfolios, for example home decoration and furniture. We are open for further ideas and suggestions. Currently, the shopping recommendation is suitable for fashion. This makes it particularly suitable for websites with these themes: News, Lifestyle, Celebrities and Entertainment. Contact dailygo.

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What is customizable?

The Shopping Recommendation is adaptable in appearance and behavior. Amount and opacity of the object makers can be chosen. The object markers may be permanently visible or flash up and disappear after a pre-defined time. It is also possible to include / exclude images from being used for recommendation or exclude certain objects from being recommended. As a publisher, you can chose the advertiser/retailer you want to work with. And on top of that, there is additional space for classical display or video ads. In consultation with dailygo, you can also bypass the Shopping World and link directly to the retailer.

How can I get it?

In order to enable the dailygo plug-in, you need to have the [Awin Publisher MasterTag integrated on your website. Next, go to Toolbox -> Publisher MasterTag and switch on the dailygo plug-in. By switching on the plug-in, your publisher account main contact email will be shared with dailygo so they can connect with you. Once you enable the dailygo plug-in, please allow up to 24 hours for it to be activated on your site, before testing. After dailygo have managed the implementation on your website, you will be informed by email.


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