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What is the Publisher MasterTag?

The Awin Publisher MasterTag allows you to access and enable technology from Awin and our partners.

You only need to integrate the Awin Publisher MasterTag on your website once, and then you will be able to turn on partner technologies of your choice to help you monetise your content.

How do I enable plug-ins?

Step 1: Go to Toolbox -> Links & Tools -> Publisher MasterTag

Step 2: Add Publisher MasterTag

Copy the JavaScript below and paste it to the bottom of the body element of each of your web pages.

Make sure you replace the <publisher_id> in the example below with your Awin publisher ID:

<script src="<publisher_id>.min.js"></script>

This will allow you to enable your preferred plug-ins with no further tech integration. If a plug-in does require further tech integration, the details can be found in the notes section of the Publisher MasterTag page.

Find out more about how to install the Publisher MasterTag on your site, depending on the platform it's built on.

Step 3: Activate Plug-in

Choose a plug-in from the list and simply toggle its switch to the right so it turns green.

enable plug-in

Step 4: Test it's working

To test that the Publisher MasterTag is installed and working correctly on your website, after you turn on one of the plug-ins, follow the plug-in specific instructions below.

Available plug-ins


Awin's Convert-a-link plug-in for publishers is an application for your website which automatically converts your product links into trackable affiliate links.

The application is only offered to convert the links for the Awin advertisers whose programmes you are joined to.

Additional Features

Ignore links

In instances where you wish for certain links to be ignored on your site; the Convert-a-link plug-in includes an attribute called data-awinignore. So if there are any links that you don't want to be converted into affiliate links, you can apply the data-awinignore attribute to them. See below for an example of how you could write this:

<a href="" data-awinignore>iPad Sleeve - Red</a>


Clicks generated through Convert-a-link have the click reference automatically defined as Convert-a-link. To keep an eye on the number of clicks generated by the plug-in specifically, check your Click Reference Report.


Does Convert-a-link work on deep links and image links?

Yes. Convert-a-link will convert any type of anchor link, including deep links, product links, and image links.

How do I test it's working?

Once you enable Convert-a-link, please allow up to 3 hours for it to be activated on your site, before testing.

To test that Convert-a-Link is installed and working correctly on your website, go to a page where you have installed Convert-a-link and create a link to Click on the link and if Convert-a-link is working, you'll be directed to a success page.

If you are directed to an error page, please double check the implementation by following the above installation guide and try again. Once you enable Convert-a-link, please allow up to 5 minutes for it to be activated.

If you have trouble getting a success page, please create a support ticket from your publisher account.


The Monotote Technology allows you to easily create seamless shopping experiences for your website visitors, by allowing them to directly purchase showcased products from pictures and videos without leaving your website.


dailygo give advertisers and publishers the opportunity to fit branded messages seamlessly within an editorial environment. Their outstanding AI driven recommendation technology combines trending content and advertising in line with the individual interests of every single user.

How to install the Publisher MasterTag

The next steps will then vary depending on which blogging platform you use:

Word Press

Manual Installation

  • Open your browser and sign in to your Wordpress management area.
  • Hover over the Appearance option in the left-hand side menu and click on the Editor option.
  • Once you've opened Editor, you'll see a list of templates on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on footer.php.
  • Once you've opened footer.php, scroll down and look for the closing body element which looks like this </body>. Add our JavaScript snippet just before closing the body element
  • Click Save and you're done.

Installation from Wordpress store

The plug-in can be downloaded from the Wordpress plug-in store. This will install the plug-in in the standard way. In your settings page, you will be able to add your Awin publisher ID, this is required to enable the plug-in to work correctly. You will still need to turn on a selected plug-in in the Awin interface Toolbox -> Links & Tools -> Publisher MasterTag.


  • Login to your blog
  • Click on Layout (on the left-hand side)
  • Click on Add a Gadget
  • Choose HTML/JavaScript
  • Title it "Awin" and then in the Content section, paste the JavaScript code
  • Finally, head back to the main Blogger Window and click on Save Arrangement

Installation on other platforms

Having obtained the JavaScript, you need to ensure it is included on all your HTML pages where you have links to the retailers of Awin.

The script needs to be copied and pasted just before the closing HTML body tag i.e. </body> of your HTML pages. Please see the below example:

File:Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.12.06.png

Testing the integration

To test that the Publisher MasterTag is installed and that a plug-in is activated and working correctly on your website, check out the testing guidelines for each of the plug-ins you enable.


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