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[-] Building an Awin Product Feed

[-] Product Feed Errors

Error #2 - Unable to retrieve file

What is the error?

File:DownloadingIncorrectLocation.png File:FeedHealthIncorrectLocation.png

Why do I have this error?

The error could be a number of issues, please review the most common causes. These could range from User errors in the interface to System errors on client servers:

  1. You may have selected an incorrect ‘Transfer Method’ when uploading the automated feed.
  2. There maybe an error in the URL structure added in the interface, for example
  3. The Product Feed has been removed from it's location - consult with your Development Team
  4. Your server being busy at that time
  5. We were unable to download the product feed due to your server not whitelisting our product feed server location.

How can I resolve this error?

  • Check the feed location before uploading the feed to the system. To check the product feed is accessible and working; try adding this URL into your browser to test and see if you recieve data.
  • Check that there are no IP restrictions on who can view this product feed and if there are, please ensure the Awin systems are whitelisted. Submit a ticket through our ticketing system to inform us, so we're able to provide you with this content.


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