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The PerformanceIN (formerly Affiliates4U) forum is an industry site in which all of the major networks are registered and have created their own forums. Within these forums advertisers, agencies and publisher s alike can share tips, ideas, news and feedback about any publisher related topics.

It is an ideal platform for advertisers to recruit publisher s, as well as for publisher s to keep up to date with advertiser promotions.

Visit here to register today!

How to Register

To be able to post on this industry forum you must register with the site. You can then choose a unique ID and password to return in future.

• Simply click onto the register button • Fill in the registration form • Once completed the site will send your ID and password to your nominated e-mail address.

Whitelisting enquiries

For whilelisting enquiries, please email the Content Team at PerformanceIN -

When should I post on the forum?

As an advertiser, you could initially use the forum to announce the launch of your programme. Many advertisers advertise upcoming promotions, ask for advice or often get involved in industry debates which take interest.

As a publisher you may wish to search for specific advertiser programmes or by vertical (e.g., Travel, Mobile etc), offer advice to other publisher s (whether publicly or via private message) or search for solutions to common problems you may encounter.

Launch Post (for advertisers)

We would suggest that you write a post on the actual day your programme goes live. Please ensure this includes a good description of your brand, product/commission structure and emphasise your publisher incentives and any introductory offers/competitions.

Promotion Post (for advertisers)

It is recommended that you make your post approximately one week before any promotion begins, and then one more; a couple of days before it starts.

Your post should include the start date of the promotion, which will inform publisher s of when to begin pushing your brand. It will also allow publisher s who are not yet on your programme to sign up and get banners, links and other creative in place by the correct time.

To link publisher s to your Awin sign up page (once your programme is live!) please use this URL, replacing {merchant_id} with your own advertiser id:[merchant_id}

Regularly posting on this forum will help you to build a relationship and direct communication with your publisher s, as well as new publisher s.

The 2 main forums

There are 2 main forums which you will need to take note.

Once you have clicked onto the forums page through the main menu bar along the top of the screen:

...a directory of forums will open; the 2 forums which you will need to take note of, as they will be forums you will be mainly posting on are the Awin forum and the Promotions & Incentives Forum.

Awin Forum

Promotions & Incentives Forum

Posting on PerformanceIN

Once you have registered onto the site and received your username and password you will now be able to post onto the forum under any forum topics or starting a new thread within a forum.

Starting a new thread within a forum

As you can see below in the diagram you simply click on the ‘Reply to Thread’ button to start a completely new thread within a forum.

Once you have clicked this button it will bring you through to a new window illustrated in the diagram below:

Click go advanced.

• At this point you’ll fill in the title with an appropriate header for your post • Fill in the body with text as you wish

'Switch Editor Source Mode': Allows you to switch from web code to normal layout.

• At the bottom you will be able to preview the post before posting your thread live on the website forum • And for fun you can add a picture icon next to your subject heading which highlights the feeling of the post. • However if you scroll down there are additional options

Additional options are very straight forward and are broken into 5 areas, these are:

• Miscellaneous options • Attach files • Thread subscription • Post a poll • Trackback

Once you have added your new additional options you can again preview your post before submitting your new thread.

Adding images to forum posts

To add an image on your forum post you need to have the image URL. To find this you need to:

Using Internet Fire Fox

• Right click on the the image you wish to appear in your post • Click 'copy image location'

Click on the image icon shown above and paste the image URL into the insert image box.

Click Ok.

NOTE: For specific product images you may also look up the URL within the advertiser datafeed.

• To display the image on the post you will need to use the following piece of Bulletin Board (BB) coding (or follow the shortcut buttons if enabled):

[img]IMAGE URL HERE[/img]

Paste the image URL over ADD URL, therefore the code for the image should look like this:


Adding a deeplink to the forum post

To add a deeplink into a forum post you need to do the following:

• Paste the deeplink into the post

An example of a deeplink is below:

Therefore the deeplink should now look like this:!!!id!!!&clickref=&

• Highlight the deeplink and click on the button (circled in red below)

• Click on Preview Post, it should look like this:

NOTE: On the post you will need to say something in the lines of ‘please replace !!!id!!! with your Affiliate ID.’ The publisher id has to be present in the deeplink so the transaction/lead can be traced to the referring publisher .

Structure of your post to get an effective message across

There are several ways that can help you post an effective message which will get it noticed by the forum users:

1. Use a clear and attention grabbing subject title.

2. Ensure your message is relevant to the forum you are posting in, and that it is detailed but concise.

3. Make sure your text and promotion is innovative and as appealing as possible.

4. Give the reader something to think about – encourage discussion!

5. You can include attractive graphics, just make sure they are relevant to the message you are trying to convey.

6. Think about who your audience is and what is most likely to keep them reading and encourage interaction.


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